Pawn Software for ND-SD Pawn Shops

If you've had the opportunity to shop around you've seen that the most expensive pawn programs require that you call the provider for a high-pressure sales pitch as to why you should spend literally thousands of dollars (over time) to use their software.

Yes, they are very much aware of 'us' with our Pawnbroker Pawn Shop Software, it's low entry cost and its no-annual-or-monthly support fees and it appears that they have employed the 'say anything do anything tactic' to steer business away from us but there's just no justification for over spending on software (and hardware) just to computerize your pawn business. Take a look at the overview of the four editions of PPSS below. If you choose one of them, you'll spend way less now and later because the only after-purchase expenses will be a relatively minuscule $195 per year starting in year two for 'software maintenance'.

Another way pawn shops in your state save money is to avoid the expense of preprinted pawn forms by printing their pawn tickets (and other tickets for buy-outright (resale), payday and title loans and check cashing on sheets of copy paper using an ink printer.

All editions of Pawnbroker Pawn Shop Software are compliant with the most recent federal laws pertaining to military personnel and their dependents.

Pawnbroker Pawn Shop Software

The basic edition of PPSS (called "Intro") is just that - an introductory-level software for processing pawn transactions so if that's all you need, $695 is all that you will pay to get started. With all editions of the software a live demo is included, preferably prior to purchase, to make sure the program meets your needs and works as intended on your computer. If it doesn't have all needed features then it may be necessary to move up to the next-higher version -

PPSS Deluxe allows shop owners to buy and sell used merchandise (from individuals) and new stock (from retailers, wholesalers, etc) and resell it. With Deluxe check cashing, pay-day and title loans and layaways can be processed.

With PPSS Diamond employees can be blocked from accessing any data and they can be prevented from voiding sales and allowing unauthorized discounts at POS (two common forms of employee theft).

Diamond can connect two or more computers together to simultaneously share the database. It can print adhesive and non-adhesive price labels and tags using a thermal label printer. It also supports the use of cash drawers and thermal receipt printers.

The highest edition (24karat) adds electronic signatures and fingerprinting, driver license scanning (to populate new-client records) and web-cam use.

Pawnbroker Pawn Shop Software