Choose the Right System for your Shop

PPSS is tiered in features and price - no 'one-size-fits-all big price' for unneeded or unwanted features. Start small and upgrade as your business and computer skills grow. Train new employees quickly and easily. All Pawnbroker Software editions include:

  • Compliance with (Military Lending Act)
  • No forced prepayment for support
  • Customized interest/fees
  • Plain-paper pawn tickets (not FL)
  • Price labels and hang tags on sheets
  • Mail pawn-due and forfeit notices
  • Auto calculations, due dates, reminders
  • Pawner, pawn, inventory, sales records
  • Reports to police, LEADS
  • Compatibility with Burrell forms (fee based)
  • Optional consignment module
  • Illustrated manual and Quick-Start Guide

Deluxe ($695) adds:

  • Use cash drawers, receipt printers
  • Resale (Buy Outright)
  • Layaways
  • Fees and interest by category
  • Inventory categories
  • Check Cashing
  • Payday & Title Loans
  • Prorated interest option2
  • ATF Hold

Diamond ($895) adds:

  • Deny access to sensitive info
  • ID each transaction by employee
  • Audit an employee at any time
  • Prevent sales voiding & POS discounting
  • Thermal price labels with barcodes
  • Pictures of items and clients
  • Use multiple computers (same location)

24k ($995) adds:

  • Electronic fingerprinting
  • Electronic signature
  • Driver license scanning
  • FTP LEADS reports
  • Webcam support

Intro ($495):

  • A basic program suitable for small and startup shops.

Optional Consignment Module

Taking items on consignment builds inventory without making loans. PPSS tracks consignments (ownership, length of time to hold, price...). When a consignment sells, the program credits the consignor's and shop's accounts and removes the sold item from inventory. (This is a separate module for a one-time payment.)

2If redemption occurs before the due date, interest can be applied for the full loan period or prorated for the precise number of days of the loan.