Great Software for MT Pawn Shops

Pawnbroker Pawn Shop Software does things considerably differently than other vendors:

  • There are no ongoing forced monthly or annual payment for 'support' so if help is never needed there will not have been money wasted.
  • The program has different levels of features so shops only needing a basic program pay just a basic price.
  • As computer skills and business grows, the program can grow as well - by upgrading from a lower version to a higher version with more features.
  • The higher editions support 'hardware' like printers for receipts and labels, cash drawers, scanners for barcodes, fingerprints and drivers licenses.
  • employees can be blocked from any part of the data and they can be prevented from voiding sales and discounting at POS (two common forms of employee theft).
  • Advanced features include electronic finger scanning and electronic signatures, web cams and gun logs.
  • All versions of the software comply with federal laws related to the military.
  • As a matter of full disclosure, there is an ongoing expense of maintaining the software and keeping personnel on call in case help is needed.

Pawnbroker Pawn Shop Software

PPSS Intro is a simple pawn processing and management program.

The Deluxe version adds the ability to buy and sell inventory from individuals and suppliers.

The Diamond program supports multiple computers sharing the same data (networking) as well as employee management.

The highest edition (24karat) adds support of electronic fingerprinting, electronic signatures and gun logs, web cams and driver-license scanning for entering information on the new-client screen.

Payment for the software won't be accepted until you're satisfied that the program meets your expectations so please download the demo and give us a call to arrange the live demo.

Pawnbroker Pawn Shop Software