Pawnbroker Pawn Shop Software is approved for use in the State of Florida.

'PPSS' costs far less than other programs yet still gets the job done, processing pawns, buy outrights, rentals, police reporting and gun logs.

Other available pawn software requires a never-ending monthly payment (which can be increased in the future).

Pawn software should be a tool for processing business, not a process of draining your business of profits.

The Florida Pawn Ticket

It's likely that the State of Florida has the most stringent requirements for pawn-shop operators.

To simplify and accelerate the application process our software (Pawnbroker Pawn Shop Software) prints pawn tickets on forms prepared by Burrell (because those forms are known to the State and are approved).

The tickets can be hand written or printed with laser (single sheet) printers or dot-matrix (impact) printers in multi-sheet format.

  • Florida Continuous Pawn Ticket 10-0920 and 10-0924
  • Florida Handwritten Pawn Ticket 10-0910
  • Florida Laser Sheet Pawn Ticket 10-0909 and 10-0909-01
  • Florida Secondhand Dealers Property Form

Every pawn or resale transaction can be printed using an ink printer and copy paper utilizing the built-in ticket in PPSS; however, the form must be printed and sent to the State with the pawn-license application.

The software also includes forms for second-hand purchase and resale, check cashing and pay-day loans.

Police and LEADS reporting has been simplified. Many local police jurisdictions have discontinued their own reporting systems and now access the LEADS system. In PPSS creating and sending reports to either agency is a simple process.

In the program settings are saved for the pawn shop (name, address, phone number) for printing on copy-paper tickets, receipts, notices and reports. The city and state are saved so they do not have to be typed in with the creation of each new pawner record.

The software also stores fees and interest rates, loan periods, pawn-ticket disclosures, sales tax and inventory categories for auto-completion and calculations.

The software is tiered in features and price so small stores and start-up shops can keep initial outlay to a minimum while acquiring inventory, accounting and sales-processing essentials.

There are 4 editions of PPSS, all of which include these features:

  • Auto calculations, due dates, reminders
  • Compatibility with Burrell forms (fee based)
  • Compliance with (Military Lending Act)
  • Customized interest/fees
  • Illustrated manual and Quick-Start Guide
  • Mail pawn-due and forfeit notices
  • No forced prepayment for support
  • Optional consignment module
  • Pawner, pawn, inventory, sales records
  • Burrell pawn tickets
  • Reports to police, LEADS

The basic software edition (Intro) only processes pawn loans and buy-outright transactions.

The Deluxe edition adds these options:

  • ATF Hold
  • Check Cashing
  • Layaways
  • Payday Loans
  • Prorated interest option2
  • Resale (Buy Outright)
  • Title Loans

The Diamond format adds:

  • Prevent employee access to data and functions
  • Identification for each transaction
  • Employee drawer audit in real time
  • Disallow sales voids and discounts
  • Barcode labels and hang tags
  • Items and clients pictures
  • Receipt printer and drawer support
  • Multiple stations at the same location

24k Software:

  • Driver license scanning
  • Electronic fingerprinting
  • FTP LEADS reports
  • Webcam support

A 2D barcode scanner can be used to scan barcodes on price labels (printed by the software). It can also be used to scan drivers licenses to populate a new-client record.

Deny employee access to specific areas of the software and data. Prevent them from granting discounts at POS and voiding sales - two ways to 'cheat'. Each employee can have a 'till' which can be audited at any time in the software during the shift to assure that drawer totals equal till totals.

Pricing and Policies

Unlike other programs there are no forced prepayments. That is also a reason why pricing for PPSS is way below other offerings.

Military Requirements

The fed restricts fees and interest for military personnel and their dependents to 36% (thirty-six percent) APR. Shops must use the DMDC software to search for military status.

Florida Pawn Shop Laws and Regulations

Pawnbroker Pawn Shop Software meets the requirements of the Florida Pawnbroking Act 539.001.

Florida Pawn Shop License Requirements

  1. Good moral character
  2. Net worth of $50,000 or a $10,000 bond for each license
  3. No convictions in 10 years

The application for 'Pawnbroking' in Florida is here. It is submitted annually to the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services with $300 for each location. The fee can be waived for veterans discharged within the past 60 months (five years).

Pawnbroker Pawn Shop Software
The best value in pawn software...

Simply put, buying any other pawn-software program is going to cost a fortune.