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There's only one pawn-software program that doesn't cost a fortune up front and large ongoing fees for 'support' - Pawnbroker Pawn Shop Software.

Initial prices are not padded with precharges or prepayments for assistance. There are no ongoing ever-increasing charges for support.

The software program is graduated so small shops and startups can save money up front and build the software program as computer skills and business develop.

We encourage anyone who is considering our software to call Data Age (Pawnmaster) or Bravo - you'll have to because they refuse to disclose their extremley-high costs on their websites - so you'll have a basis for comparison and come back to us knowing that Pawnbroker Pawn Shop Software is the right choice for your automation.

Our software provides all of the basic functions needed for processing pawns, resales, checking cash, payday/title loans, police/LEADS reporting as well as the basic functions of pawn (redemption, forfeit, payment, renewal)...

2-9-2014 Version 6.0.1379

Cash-drawer report not showing redemptions fixed
Changes to transaction date saved from the Pawn-History window
Disappearing bad-guy highlight fixed
Forfeiting a pawn error fixed
Missing information on Pawn-History report added
Option to set next due date at one period from full payment of interest and fees
Pawn ticket number added to thermal labels
Print a duplicate pawn payment receipt
Sales price when editing retail item records fixed
Saving new pawn fixed

Column misalignment in single-settlement check fixed
Grid component changed to improve sort and search v 6.0.516
Options added to disable batch settlements and Percentage Tool v. 6.0.418
Rewards Program added v. 6.0.412
Time stamp on the sales recaps v. 6.0.394
VISA payment method adjusted v. 6.0.438
Revised rates for Kentucky, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey

7/18/13 Version 6.0.364

Barcodes are auto-assigned to all new inventory items
Bonus for store-credit settlement can be based upon sale price or settlement amount
Buy outright and pawns current (by payment of accrued interest) removed from past-due report
Buyer name added to Sales Work Area Tab v. 6.0.236
Buyers' names added to Sales Table
Consignor Credit Sale included in Sales Report in 3-way payment
Credit Purchases can be nontaxable
Deleted categories are still tracked
Minor adjustments for New York, Delaware, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine
Details print on labels where store name was printing - Fixed v. 6.0.104
Fixed sales report for consignor credit sates that have more than 2 pay splits
Inventory Reports error fixed when attempting to open
Label sizes added to Label Screen
Last Sort remembered in main tables Last sort settings are now saved
Layaways access fixed v. 6.0.256
Layaways excluded from settlement trial print
List of items sold for the month added to consignor online information
Open Layaways omitted from settlement v. 6.0.338
Past-due pawn report - added pawn due date column
Pawners appearing as non taxable on sales documents - fixed
Print a thermal label from the New-Edit Item Windows
Print single label from New or Edit screens
Redeem a closed pawn error - fixed
Round pennies down at .02, up at .03 v. 6.0.101
Settlement ID collision prevented in a network situation
Store-credit purchases can be tax free v. 6.0.197
Store-credit settlement bonus can be based on sales proceeds or consignor's share v 6.0.202
Thermal labels sizes are now on the labels screen and edit window

6/5/14 Version 6.0.0

Alias 'loans' not found line number 7091 App_topform.toolbar1.error - Fixed v. 2086
Check for Pending Pay Method added when the sale is not a layaway
Error entering new resale item on pawn screen - Fixed v. 2095
Fees adjusted for multiple periods v.2056
Half-sheet pawn ticket added
Links to Notepad, Calculator and Screen Capture added in the Help menu
Loan Amount Range filter added to Inventory Reports
'No-Location-Assigned filter' added to Inventory Report Designer
Pawn Recap Report added
Rates for Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, South and North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin
Period 4 Pawn Charges corrected v. 2121
Periodic fee can be one time (Make the next period in the Fee Manager $0 to $1,000,000 zero for all parameters.)
Sales screen can no longer be closed with the Windows X
Save, Preview, Print Pawn Ticket error - Fixed v. 6.03
Variable redemption notice period added

5/15/13 / Version 5.2.2016

"Save-Preview-Print" payment dialogue now closes
All pawns reopened were adding $5 - fixed v. 1928
Bold print on pawn forms: Add ~~1 at the end of any line in the format file
Configured license scan for Wisconsin v. 1984
Cost field not saving entry - fixed v. 1889
Error accessing Inventory from Main Menu - fixed v. 1935
Generic Police Report fixed
Item-Cost input box added to Retail-Item-Edit window
Items Entered Today - fixed
LEADS scan fixed
Changes for New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, California, Utah, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, Hawaii, Alaska
New-Pawn Screen and Pawn-Payments Screens now have a pay-method box. Choose a method from the drop down. The shift report will show appropriate totals for each pay method separately from the sales pay-method list.
New WI drivers license format added v. 2033
Overlapping print fixed
Pawn not appearing on police report - fixed v. 1872
Print pawn payments on receipt printer v. 1892
Program will not open again if it is already running

3/31/13 / Version 5.2.1752

Customer tax ID not saving - fixed
Fees not appearing on pawn tickets - fixed
Fingerprint scanning added (Diamond and 24k)
Item cost now displayed for item selected on an invoice
Item price and quantity not appearing on item picklist - fixed
Loans-write-off error when opening batch edit - fixed
Serial number for retail items can be edited

3/19/13 / Version 5.2.1723

Added report and price-label filter for items on hold
Corrected Difference Value on IBCR report
Created ticket for Florida Burrell Buy-Outright forms
Fixed Colorado Springs police report
Fixed drivers license parsing for Arizona
Fixed error message running IBCR report

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