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There is no sale tax or shipping charges tacked on to orders.

There is only a one-time payment to purchase the right to use the software and the equipment.

Higher editions of the software support the use of thermal printers, cash drawers (with locks), scanners for barcode, drivers licenses, fingerprints and signatures.

Pictures of inventory and clients can be taken with webcams or any picture-taking device and stored in the program for reporting and recall.

03-09-16 Version 6.0.5334

4412 - Dymo 4450 adjustment for single-roll use
4422 - Buy-Outright Agreement includes items purchased
4636 - Sort added to ID column on Return-Items screen
4729 - Added extent maturity date function for pawns
4814 - Pawn IDs will no longer skip
5048 - Changed 'Items Sold Month' to 'last month' vs 'last 30 days'
5193 - Item IDs on the batch-buy-outright table now sort as numbers (1,2,10), not text (1,10,2)
5201 - 'Batch Enter' renamed 'Batch Consignment'
5203 - Buy Outright Agreement and item list are on one page
5203 - Buy Outright items accepted without sell price
5220 - Header in item-pick list sorts as expected
5232 - Location added to inventory reports
5239 - Batch-Enter Window not saving prices - fixed
5245 - Items-Sold-Month function corrected to show all items sold
5277 - All Buy Outright processes can be completed with the press of a single button
5283 - The final version of program registration revisions
5334 - New installation files

6-22-2015 Version 6.0.3832

3658 - Fixed interest for 1st period added to interest in the 2nd period, and again in the 3rd period

2-15-2015 Version 6.0.2554

Added consolidated report of Redemption Notices printed

10-13-2014 Version 6.0.2554

Added 360-day-year option in program setup for APR computation
Added font size, font rotation, and loan ID based barcode to pawn ticket format file Added pawn date/time option to pawn price labels
Added text to the paid-loan window saying that auto title loans should be processed as pawns
Fixed error message when creating an auto title loan
Made it possible to specify a third-period fee that does not carry forward to the fourth period
Past-Due-Items Notification when starting a new pawn

6-16-2014 Version 6.0.2015

LEADS report now transmits by FTP and includes inventory and pawner pictures
Redeem function fixed and a warning added when a pawn can't be redeemed because it is a BO

4-19-2014 Version 6.0.1813

Added Gun Log to the 24k edition
Barcode not generating past the first item on a pawn ticket - fixed
Web-cam support added

3-5-2014 Version 6.0.1531

Added "You Saved" entry to receipts.
Added format code 138. It retrieves either the loan date or the most recent periodic payment date if any.
Consignor Messages now save automatically in the Edit Consignor window.
Fixed disappearing police reports in Reports Menu.
Fixed double buy and missing pawn records in police report.
Fixed format code 127, pawn due date based on maturity date.
Fixed format codes, 87, 104, 105, 112, 137 not computing amount due in future periods correctly
Fixed no response when clicking OK in the Choose Items to Print Labels
Fixed possible error message when printing pawn tickets from the New-Pawn window
Fixed some items missing from Pawner Recap computations.
Per item discounts now appear on sales receipts.
Pawn ticket adjustments for Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee

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It's not possible to pay for the software until it has been proven to your satisfaction that the program does all that is required and that it works. (If the software works and you've purchased the hardware that's recommended (from us, brand new and under warranty), the hardware will work as well.

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