Software Advantages

Pawnbroker Pawn Shop Software is an inexpensive program for processing pawns, buy-outright (resale) transactions, payday and title loans, check cashing and rentals.

Unlike most programs prices for PPSS are posted on this website simply because there's nothing to hide.

Price has not been burgeoned with charges for support which is the primary reason why our prices are the very lowest in the world.

There are no ongoing monthly or annual fees for support so if help is never needed, money will not have passed unnecessarily from your shop to a software vendor's bank account.

The purchase price does include a half hour of personal assistance with installing the software and any equipment (purchased from us). Beyond the half hour additional help is available at rates way below local IT services.

Software 'updates' are work done in the background by the software vendor in keeping the program up-to-date with changes in technology as well as improvements in the system. This ongoing effort benefits those using the software and is an expense shared across all users of the program at a current rate of $175 per year.

Pawnbroker Pawn Shop Software is tiered in price and features making it possible for a shop owner and his/her employees to develop skills gradually without large expenditures. In Georgia tickets for pawn, buy outright, check cashing and payday loans can be printed on 8.5 sheets, saving the significant expense of preprinted pawn forms. Reports are easily sent to police and LEADS Online.

  • The Intro edition is a basic program for processing pawn loans.
  • The Deluxe edition adds buy-outright, prorated interest, check cashing checks, issuing payday loans, title loans and layaways.
  • Diamond supports thermal printers, cash drawers, barcode scanners and allow store owners to lock employees out of any part of the program.
  • The 24k edition can use webcams, electronic fingerprinting, license scanning and FTP LEADS reporting.

The State of GA code for pawn is TITLE 44 Chapter 12 Article 3 Part 5. Apparently the State does not maintain webpages containing the code so search for that string and look for references to a site named LexisNexis.

Georgia sets the loan period at 30 days with options to renew for 30-day periods. The total amount of allowable interest in a 90-day span is 25% (with a minimum of up to $10 per 30 days). Additional fees are allowed for 'services' like storage ($5/day), repossession, actual shipping costs and lost ticket ($2).

Pawnbroker Pawn Shop Software
Saving Pawn Shop's Money Year after Year...

Programs like pawnnaster and Bravo will cost a fortune over the years for 2 reasons:

  1. High costs are baked in and you're locked into the software, either by a 3-year contract or by forced monthly payment.
  2. Annual support fees or monthly payments are a blank check signed by the purchaser when the software is acquired. Without competition monthly or annual fees are bound to be increased.

The question that should be asked is not "How much is your software?" but "How much am I going to be required to pay over the next 10 years, including price increases, to make my business dependent upon you?

There will be no overt effort by the software vendor to disclose just how extravagant the costs will be but one thing is for sure: Signing up with the wrong choice will certainly be costly.

Pawnbroker Pawn Shop Software