Pawn Software for PA Shops

The #1 complaint we've heard during our 14 years in the pawn-software business is related to cost - high prices, ongoing and escalating fees, hidden charges, add-ons for this and that...

When comparing software system offers it's necessary to add up all costs over the period of time you expect to be in business. While that sounds like a trite statement, it seems to not happen as often as one would expect of people operating and managing pawn businesses.

Contributing to the mystery of 'cost' are the various and many attempts to hide costs until after purchase and after the money-back period. Surely it makes sense to 'get everything in writing' and use the document to push back against future attempts to bring up new previously undisclosed charges.

In Pennsylvania Pawnbroker Pawn Shop Software can print all types of tickets with an ink printer (pawn, buy outright, check cashing, title loans, payday loans).

The program supports thermal label printing, electronic fingerprinting and signatures, pictures of inventory and clients, police and LEADS reporting.

2-7-12 / Version 5.2.218

Added check box for the 2824 printer on the Printers page of program setup.

12-5-11 / Version 5.2

Added police report for Savannah and Extended-Brand Group. Added rentals.
Added snail-mail pawn forfeit notices.
Changed Police Reporting Store ID to include LEADS.
Fixed differences between pawn tickets printed from the New Pawn window and tickets printed later.
Fixed error generating the generic police report.
Fixed error when changing amount to be loaned for gold.
Fixed error when right clicking on WA grid.
Fixed problem printing of 4x2 and 2x1 thermal price tags.
Fixed reduced interest rate for 5 days being applied after 5 days.
Fixed Registration window not closing with X.
New format file codes: 129 loan amount plus late fees; 130 applicable late fees; 131 applicable lost ticket fee
Replaced the generic pawn form message.

12-5-11 / Version 5.2

Added brand list to P FL UDG's
Added format file code for pawner email address
APR on the generic pawn ticket now appears with % instead of decimal
Close This Pawn function to abnormally terminate pawn contracts
Edit pawn function
Fixed batch delete
Fixed batch item delete not removing items included in voided invoices
Fixed category interest rate not overriding the 30 day rate
Fixed edition not appearing in the title bar
Fixed error displaying Account History
Fixed error displaying Current Items report
Fixed error message moving between UDG's in the UDG manager
Fixed error setting gold weight
Fixed error when opening Pawns Work Area
Fixed last sale filter for inventory reports
Fixed loss of cash drawer setting in program setup
Fixed monthly storage fees not being saved
Fixed repawn feature
Fixed the select-pawner window not closing when a choice is made
Fixed UDG settings not saved from New Pawn window
Florida police report
For thermal labels that have tear off portion, the 1st price in the discount schedule only appears on the small tab end.
LEADS report now includes redemptions and forfeits
Moved 3rd column of address labels left
New Pawn added to Pawner Work Area context menu and left menu
Redemption collections now include gun fees and late fees and lost ticket fees
St. Petersburg police report
Wisconsin XML police report

10-27-11 / Version 5.1.6810

New pawn status: Closed
2-digit year for discount schedules on labels
Beginning balance to csv import/export for consignors
Butterfly labels printing fixed
Check boxes not showing on select items to print grid fixed
Code signing for all installers
Consignor credit sale changed to more clear format
Discount schedules now have smaller font choices
Edit pawn feature - An existing pawn can be edited
Item ID field added to sales csv export
Missing data on hang tags fixed
New registration component
Only 2 categories were showing in default category drop down - fixed
Touchscreen support added
User-Defined Groups added to hang tag and larger thermal price labels

10-20-11 / Version 5.1.6211

Comprehensive fee and interest managers added
Fixed check boxes not showing on select items to print grid
Fixed new pawn amount not showing on shift close out
Gold calculator error message fixed
Manual edits to the loan amount are allowed
Possible pawn id duplication fixed
Related fields now recompute when the total loaned is changed with an arrow key
Touchscreen support added

9-7-11 / Version 5.1.6211

Added PayPal payment option for new settlements and new sales.
Adjusted third column position for 3 column Avery price tags and address labels.
Fee and Interest enhancements
Fixed error message when repawning an item.
Price font is now smaller when discount schedule is present.
UDG's on zebra labels and hang tags

8-10-11 / Version 5.1.6210

Fixed repawn error.

Pawnbroker Pawn Shop Software

Pawnbroker Pawn Shop Software