Lowest Cost Pawn Software in KY

Talk to our competitors so they can confirm that it's their intent to lock you into their software program(s) and charge monthly or annual ever-increasing fees for 'support'. In effect they are using 'software' as a means of enrolling pawn shops in never-ending fees. Good for them. Costly for you.

Every pawn-software vendor is no more than a handful of people, often 1-3 who have great aspirations of retiring early on payments made to them by pawn shops for 'support'. Here's what rolls around in their heads: "If we can get 1000 shops each paying us $200 PER MONTH we'll be rich!" (That's $200,000 per month, so 3 guys taking in $2.4 million dollars a year is so compelling that they might offer to fly to your place of business to woo you in.

Save your money. Now, what software program can be so complicated as to require a software representative to show up at your place of business to teach it to you? It's a dog and pony show meant to impress you into paying endlessly for their retirement.

Buy Pawnbroker Pawn Shop Software with a one-time payment. It will be far less in getting started and it will be incredibly less over the years because there are no ongoing increasing monthly or annual support fees. Instead, if and when help is needed, it's paid for at time and at a cost waaay under competing offers ($25/15 minutes, minimum of $20 per incident). Other than that, starting in year 2, there is only a small payment of $195 for 'software maintenance' which helps keep the software current with changes in technology.

Pawnbroker Pawn Shop Software
Hands down the best software value...

Pawnbroker Pawn Shop Software