If you haven't had the chance yet to price other pawn-software programs, it might be worth the effort and quite an effort it will be with vendors whose prices are so high that they refuse to publish them on their websites. Instead it's necessary to call in and get subjected to the high-pressure sales speel.

Or, you could just avoid that experience and opt for Pawnbroker Pawn Shop Software - no monthly or annual forced support fees on top of a much lower initial cost.

PPSS starts at $695 for the basic 'Deluxe edition' which is a basic pawn-processing software program with buy outright, POS and inventory tracking. Many stores start there to become familiar with basic features then upgrade later on as skills and business grow.

All editions of Pawnbroker Pawn Shop Software are compliant with federal military requirements and PPSS is specifcially configured for the State of MO.

2/5/13 / Version 5.2.1700

Alabama drivers license scanning improved
Buy outright inventory report filter added
Colorado Springs Police Report added
Cost of last item entered on invoices added
Missing unsold item disposal on consignor agreements fixed
Pawner address added to Generic Police Report
Possible error message when printing from the select a label window for 4 x 2 thermal labels fixed
Prevent sales clerks from changing invoice date
Report of consignors without sufficient balance to cover rents
Set number of invoice copies to print
Shop name on medium and detailed Avery price labels and on 1.5" and higher thermal labels
Subtotal disbursement report by consignor when sorted by payee
Updated WI Police Report

8/12/12 / Version 5.2.1113

Ability to apply discounts to extra house accounts
Adjusted touchscreen new-sale window layout
Buy-outright option is hidden when entering new House Account items
Item number to the list of items settled on the check voucher
Option to make storage and handling fees one time
Pause after saving batch inventory before printing price labels is now an option in program setup

Barcode not erased from the old item record when items are transferred to the House Account
Batch-edit window not loading correct lowest price
Buy outright cost not appearing on Shop Totals
Incorrect account balances on consignor pick window for settlements
Last rent date not being updated when mall rents are collected
New-inventory barcodes not allowing for other network stations properly
Original price appearing on the large part of thermal hang tags with discount schedule
Price label reappearing when printing price from the batch-entry window
Printing only one thermal price label
Report total on the consignor report when filtered for account balance
Skipped price labels when selecting a random series
Pawn Software Changes:
Fixed item amount-loaned error
Fixed possible problem entering unlisted items on an invoice
New pawner pictures now use the default path from program setup


5/25/12 / Version 5.2.780

Added ability to apply discounts to extra house accounts
Adjusted touchscreen new-sale window layout
Default location on New-Pawn window
Disbursement report error (source not found)
Inventory report on PPSS Intro
Network station not accepting hyphen in location name
Taxable-sales total on the Shop Totals report
Total Loaned when Item Value is entered on a New-Pawn window

5/9/12 / Version 5.2.673

Added drivers license # readout for mag stripe in SC and FL
Added serial number to retail item input
Added sex, height, weight to license mag stripe readout
Added TSC TDP-225 label printer
Fixed error choosing labels to print for hang tags
Fixed error message generation generic police report
Fixed error message printing 4x2 labels
Fixed error saving new pawn
Fixed possible permissions error opening the program
Fixed rounding on checks
Fixed total loaned not adding correctly
Max char limit to 10 for invoice #
Option to always round pawn % up

2/27/12 / Version 5.2.313

Auto Title Loans added to the Comprehensive Interest and Fees Managers.
Backup/restore file chooser window doesn't require choosing a name.
Beginning balance import from a consignor.csv file corrected.
Date of Sale now appears in consignor's online information.
Inventory internal ID now shows on the Item-Edit window.
Item list on check vouchers in now optional. The default is 'off'.
New Payday Loan format file.
Restored the print item list on check vouchers. Default for this option is off.
Savannah: Choosing Gun on the new pawn form checks 'Is Gun' box.

Pawnbroker Pawn Shop Software

Pawnbroker Pawn Shop Software