Low-Cost Pawn Computer System

Start with a one-time payment as low as $695 and expand with your business. Pawnbroker Software is the perfect alternative to over-priced complicated pawn-shop programs, and your payment will not be accepted until you are satisfied that this is program is right for you. (Click the image to the right (or below) for a video overview.)

Pawnbroker Pawn Shop Software
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Save big with
Pawnbroker Pawn Software

No forced prepayment of monthly or annual support fees1.

Avoid the high cost of preprinted pawn forms. Print pawn transactions on paper using an ink printer. (except Florida)

Compare cost to Bravo, HiTech, PawnMaster, Pawndex.

1 Software updates are $175/year starting year 2.

Tiered Features and Pay-Once Pricing

Pawnbroker Pawn Shop Software is a one-time payment with no annual or monthly prepaid support fees. (Starting with the 2nd year there is a small annual payment of $175 for software maintenance - not to be confused with 'customer support'.)

PPSS features and prices are graduated so small shops and employees can start with basics at a low price and upgrade as computer skills and software requirements grow. Prices here are for software only.

Basic Pawn Shop Software $695

The Deluxe edition of Pawnbroker Pawn Shop Software processes pawns and related activities (forfeits, payments, redemptions), prints pawn tickets, reports to LEADS and the police and manages other types of transactions like buy outright (resale), check cashing, payday/title loans and rentals.

Advanced Pawn Program $895

The Diamond edition of PPSS controls employees by restricting each person's access to data and preventing transactions (like voids and discounts) which are prone to theft. Diamond supports pictures, barcodes, thermal price labels, cash drawers, receipt printers and gold assessment.

The Ultimate Pawn System $995

The 24karat edition of Pawnbroker Pawn Shop Software adds electronic fingerprinting, drivers license scanning (except GA, TX) and FTP LEADS Reporting. (Scanning driver licenses populates the new-client screen with information encoded in the license 2D barcode.)

Is PPSS Right for You?

We won't accept payment until you agree that it is, and way before that,
please accept our invitation to demonstrate the program on your computer.

What Is a Pawn Software Program/System?

Pawn software (or a 'program') is a computer application ('app') that installs on a PC or laptop and is used by pawn shops around the world to manage their businesses including POS. PPSS provides software for Australia, Belize, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Jamaica, Las Vegas, Mexico, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, South Africa, The Philippines and The United Kingdom (UK).

Pawnbroker Pawn Shop Software is a one-time payment with no annual or monthly prepaid support fees.

Prices of other programs are significantly higher and monthly or annual payments for 'support' are required. (Starting with the 2nd year there is a small annual payment of $175 for software maintenance - not to be confused with 'customer support'.)

Other programs that reside on websites are 'web based' in that they are installed on a remote computer and the shop must have an Internet connection and a web browser to access the program. A (high) endless ever-increasing monthly payment is required.

Cheapest Pawn Software

The 'cheapest' software costs the least up front and over time.

Most software vendors use their websites to hype their products while knowingly and willingly avoid disclosing cost. Assuredly failure to disclose prices and fees warns that the software is expensive way beyond reasonable cost.

For most software offerings the initial outlay is only the tip of the priceberg and will only be a fraction of the total cost over the time you expect to be in business.

While it may not be in your plan at the moment, the day may come when you decide to sell your business. It will be more attractive if the new owner won't be saddled with a huge annual expense for software.

Budget-minded shop owners will find the best bargain for competitive and reasonably-priced software and hardware in Pawnbroker Pawn Shop Software - marked down to moderate pricing with comparatively low-cost for software maintenance (updates).

Pawn Manager Software

Using software to manage a pawn shop operation has many advantages:

Pawn Software Price

"Price' often gets conflated with 'cost' which are two very different things. The former commonly refers to the up-front cost of getting started while the latter is a sum of all funds paid to a software developer over the span of software use.

Pawn-software pricing can invite misleading advertising. The temptation is to mask (very) high long-term cost with focus on low bait-and-switch start-up price quotes. "Get started for only $99!" might masquerade the real $xx,xxx cost of taking the bait and heading down the road in the wrong direction. Any program that is 'web based' will include perpetual payments and the risk that once locked into the program, payments over time will surely increase.

Price manipulation can be avoided by asking questions up front and getting responses in written word (email) by an identified person authorized to make representations on behalf of the software developer. It's best to get these statements under the name of the owner of the software company. A great question to ask, to cut through the sales hype is "Based upon current pricing structure, how much will I pay to use this software over the next 10 years?" Also, "How much does it cost to use the software on multiple computers or at additional store locations?"

Software developers have ongoing costs in supporting software so it's reasonable to expect that some nominal amount would need to be paid each year for 'software updates' (or 'patches') which deliver bug fixes and minor feature improvements.

Finally, rethink just what is necessary for the software to do. The software provider with advanced features might costs $10,000 over time where a program providing essentials might cost a tenth of that.