Pawn Software Programs in TN

By now you've probably seen other pawn-software offerings hoping you'll join in on the high up-front prices and the ridiculously-high fees for 'service'.

Our approach is completely different: Low-entry cost and NO ongoing forced payments for 'support'.

You can purchase Pawnbroker Pawn Shop Software for one price and a lifetime of use. You program won't be disabled if the annual service fee isn't paid - because there is no annual service fee.

Instread, after the free demo (prior to purchase) help is availabel as it is needed at a rate about half that of local IT services, so, if you never need help, you will not pay for it.

why belabor the point? Because other vendors plan on making a whole lot more on annual support fees that they will on the sale of the software!

As a matter of fair disclosure, we have our own ongoing costs for maintaining a pawn-software program, so beginning with the second year in our software, there's a small annual software maintenance of $175.

Any hardware that you might need to use with the software (printers, cash drawers, barcode/license scanners, fingerprint readers) is available from us with no sales tax or shipping charges added on. We support the hardware purchased from us by assisting (remotely) with installing it and learning how to use it.

Will someone fly to your place of business? Not necessary. That's old school. What's more, we won't accept payment for the software until you are certain that the software does all that you need for it to do and that it works properly on your computer.

Need credit-card processing? Call BluePay at 866-495-0423 and ask for 'special rates' for Pawnbroker Pawn Shop Software.

Pawnbroker Pawn Shop Software
The 'no support fees' software...

Pawnbroker Pawn Software has four levels: Intro, Deluxe, Diamond and 24karat - so small shops and stores just starting out can save money with lower editions and build as business and computer skills grow.

The Intro edition does everything necessary to process pawn transactions, including of course printing the pawn ticket (on paper). The ticket is editable so changes appear on the next ticket printed. This program will also track sellers of items, the items themselves, prices paid and selling prices. POS includes printing sales receipts on paper.

The Deluxe edition adds police and LEADS reporting - very easy. Also included are check cashing, payday/title loans and layaways.

With PPSS Diamond employees can be locked out of any part of the program and can be prevented from voiding sales and/or discounting at POS (two common methods of employee theft). The cash drawer can be audited at any time for each employee.

Mulitple computers can be networked at the same location sharing the same database simultaneously. Adhesive and non-adhesive thermal price labels can be printed as well as thermal receipts. Pictures of people and merchandise can be taken and stored.

The 24k edition adds electronic fingerprinting and signatures, license scanning for form population and webcam support.

A free live demo is available prior to purchase so you can know beforehand that the program does all that you need for it to do at the price quoted.

Pawnbroker Pawn Shop Software