Free pawn shop tickets and loan-form agreements for pawnbrokers by state for pawnshop business transactions including latest licensing requirements, laws, legal paperwork, consumer protection and application information. Police department reporting procedures.

Pawn Shop Loan Forms (Tickets)

Every edition of Pawnbroker Pawn Shop Software includes a built-in editable pawn form (ticket) that can be customized to meet your state's and your requirements.


Pawn Shop Licensing Requirements

No unofficial privately-owned website should put the owner of the site in the position of giving legal advice. Every state publishes its pawn laws and legal paperwork requirements online. Simply search 'pawn laws' [my state's name]. The government website should appear at the top of search results if not in the #1 position.

Pawn Shop Loan Form Agreements

'Agreements' generally means the same thing as 'pawn tickets' or 'pawn forms' but agreements can also apply to purchases made directly from individuals (second-hand or buy-outright transactions). Pawn shops are required to report such purchases on a form that is separate from pawn transactions.

Free sample pawn forms-tickets are available from Burrell Forms. Call (800) 531-5234 and ask for a copy of the ticket applicable to your state. The form will include all required wording and fields for reporting pawn or second-hand business transactions.

Police Department Reporting Procedures

Requirements for reporting pawn and second-hand transactions to local police vary in jurisdictions. Some officers will stop by regularly to pick up printed forms. Some police departments allow pawnbrokers to produce spreadsheets or PDF-form files and email them. Other police access a national reporting database (like LEADS Online 800-311-2656) to which pawnbrokers upload pawn forms (daily).

Looking for Pawn Software?

Pawnbroker Pawn Shop Software is the very best value (least cost) for operating a pawn business electronically. (It is not available in California, Massachusetts or Texas.)

PPSS is tiered in features and price ranging from a simple pawn program ($695) to all current fancy features ($995). Included forms are pawn forms, second-hand forms, check-cashing forms and payday loan forms as well as an electronic gun log. All forms can be printed on plain paper (except FL).

The program costs considerably less in part because price is not padded with prepayment for support. The ongoing cost is far less because there are no fixed prepayments for 'support' (customer contact).

A live demo is available prior to purchase to assure customer satisfaction. The software demo may be downloaded from

An overview of the program is available in this video.

Need help? Call at 888-427-5779.