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Good Guy ~ Good Deals

Dave at the Trading Post in Basalt, Colorado (half way between Aspen and Glenwood Springs on route 82) is an honest guy with fair deals on pawns and purchases of personal items including guns, electronics,

The Trading Post is a local Gold and Silver Exchange buying and selling gold, silver coins, gold or silver bullion, guns, watches and antique jewelry.

On your next trip to Snowmass Village, stop by. It's not far from Grand Junction, Denver, Breckenridge, Vail and Salida.

Disclosure: The Trading Post is governed by the State of Colorado and the Federal government. Fees and regulations are observed to the letter of the law. For each pawn and buy outright a printed and signed copy is made available to the patron. Pawn redemptions require the pawn ticket to be presented by the same person who signed the contract.

We use Pawnbroker Pawn Software to record information, process transactions and send transactional data to legal authorities. The program allows us to save default values (like loan periods, effective interest rates) and process loans and outright purchases and sales, lending assurance to accurate computations and account values.

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Glenwood Springs, Colorado