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Apparently support for Pawnpower Pawn Software is no longer available, but finding another pawn program doesn't have to be expensive.

Your existing Pawn-Power data can be converted to Pawnbroker Pawnshop format at a nominal cost, and the PPSS software is available starting at just $495.

Pawnbroker Pawn Shop Software Benefits

Converting to PPSS is relatively easy. Just zip your current data folder and email it to us along with your name, shop name and a note that you would like a quote on converting the data to PPSS format. Our technicians will respond and we can assist with downloading and installing the demo if needed.

Better yet, just give us a call and we'll take care of the rest. 888-427-5779.

6-14-09 5.1.2886
Added employee access control to Pawn Work Area and batch pawns.
Added employee access control to voiding pawns.
Added print summary of till at end of day.
Corrected employee % on sales recap report.
Fax printer is no longer a print option.
Fixed error recording split-settlement payments.
Fixed error when reopening a redeemed pawn.
Fixed potential error when sorting item IDs that have no consistent pattern.
Fixed printout of pawn Account History and Current Items.
Fixed skipped entry on settlement and payment reports at page break.
Price labels will show current price if a the discount schedule is chosen and one hasn't been created.
Print hang tags from inventory batch entry.
Removed possible carriage returns from LEADS report.
Sales clerk is now blank on invoices if none is specified.
Settlement and payment amounts no longer round differently.
Shift till total no longer includes voided pawns.

3-3-09 PPSSe:
Correct set-up fee setting

3-3-09 all versions: Option to have windows always maximized.
Option to turn off bar codes on the Zebra thermal price labels
Give a bonus to consignors settling for store credit. Example: 40% settlement for cash, 60% settlement for store credit (not available with batch settlements)
Added a date range to User-Defined Dates. (Records marked with User Dates can be selected for reports by entering inclusive dates in the date fields.)
Taxes are shown separately on printed invoice. (except PPSSe)

2-25-09 All Editions: Allow for Total Loaned to be manually entered.
Added bar-code-entry field to Inventory Add and Edit Screens.
Added function to remove duplicate bar codes.

2-12-09 PPSSe version 5.1.1981.0 - Correction of 18kt gold display
Changed date format to day/month/year.

1-15-09 PPSS version 5.1.1901.0 - Apply pawn interest by category. Create multiple categories for specific interest application.

Barcode Processing - Deleted inventory is ignored when processing barcodes to add items to invoices.

Batch Process Changes - Make multiple changes to Discount Schedules, User-Defined Categories and Categories without having to save each change individually.

Returned/Donated/Deleted Inventory - View and print records.
Manual Batch Transfer to House Account
Undelete Inventory - Restore deleted inventory items.

User-defined fields on PPSS forms.
Forms Designer that allows for 81 boxes.
PayDay/Check Cashing form options in program setup.
Email Address Added to Data Export - Email address has been added to the PPSS .csv (comma-separated value) export of consignor and vendor information. Names and email addresses can be imported into email programs like Microsoft Outlook.
Settlement Payments to One Consignor - Added a report for this.
Batch Delete by Consignor and by Category - Leaves inventory items with quantity greater than zero and items that have not been settled.
Print List of Donated Items
Fix Printing Item Description on Hang Tags - Item description character length shortened to prevent printing over hang-tag hole
Small Text - Fixed in Consignors Work Area
Invoice Discount Disclosure - Added invoice notation of discount percentage and amount (for buyer awareness and appreciation).
Automatically Deduct Consignor Credit Purchases from Balances - Credit purchases now appear on a new settlement.
Print Multiple Taxes Separately on Invoices - Multiple taxes are computed appropriately and printed separately on invoices.

User-Formatted Ticket for Loans and Checks


New Forms Designer Element - The Default Date is now the date the next periodic payment due plus the grace period plus the hold period for a forfeited item (before it can be sold).

Customer IDs Sort - Customer IDs should always start with all or part of each consignor's last name, but if numbers are used first, customers can now be sorted in numerical order.

Auto Non-Tax of Clothing Items below $50 (Canada) - Any clothing item sold in Canada for under $50 will not be subject to tax on the sales invoice. This includes items that may have been priced over $50 and subsequently reduced to under $50 from automatic or manual discounting.

Payday Loans Track loans, payments, outstanding balances and charge a flat fee or interest. Assess penalties and/or higher interest rates for past-due loans.

Added Check Cashing Track the status of checks cashed. Auto-convert bounced checks to loans and assess variable penalties and/or higher interest rates.

Added User Text fields for pawners, customers and employees records, and User-Text filters for reports.
Double-click on entries opens Edit Window.

Reports in Pawnbroker Pawn Shop Software

Any data stored in the program can be produced in reports and those reports can be printed and given to the police, emailed to them or uploaded to LEADS Online.