How Do Search Engines Rank Software Listings?

When viewing Google search results for 'pawn software' the listings at the very top are 'paid ads':

Those ads are expensive and usually represent the software programs that cost way more than other programs.

In effect anyone purchasing the programs offered by those advertisers are indirectly paying for those ads. They don't get a better program or better service or more assurance that the software vendor will be around in the future.

Much of the extra money up front and over time just goes to the search engines for advertising.

Free Website Listings for Pawn Software

Scroll down the page of search results to find listings of software programs that may not have big advertising expenses. Keep in mind that there may also be free listings for some paid-ad programs.

Heads up! Websites claiming to provide unbiased 'reviews' always have an agenda. 'Software Advice' gets paid by software vendors for advertising. 'Capterra' only repeats reviews provided by alleged users of software and is subject to manipulation. Organizations like National Pawn Brokers won't recommend a software program unless they are paid to do so (via 'membership dues). An 'Article' like the one in 'Pawn Nerd' is full-blown ad for Pawnmaster.

Pawn Software Simplified

You just want a program to run your business that doesn't cost a fortune to use.

Let's cut to the chase...

Here's a list of pawn-software programs (software only) and what they might cost over a 10-year period. The amounts shown are based upon the representations made online and in communications by the vendors themselves:




Pawn Wizard




10-Year Cost

$ 2,445






Neither Bravo, Pawndex or Pawnmaster will disclose their costs on their websites. It's necessary to call for pricing and risk getting hooked into the hard sell as to why a pawn shop should spend large repetitive amounts for the use of a software program.

No doubt all of these programs may be great programs and any one of them might fulfill your computing needs, but at what point does price stop serving you and start serving the software provider?

You can bet with certainty that the open-ended monthly or annual charges will be increased over time.

Software vendors are invited to make corrections. Please do so by disclosing costs on your website and send a link to Pawnbroker Pawn Shop Software to the disclosure page.

The Real Cost

How much more money would you have 10 years from now if you kept that $3,000 per year lent out at your loan rates?

Using $250/month for software cost and a 20% per month loan rate, at the end of 1 month you would have $250 + $50 = $300.

In month 2 you add $250 to $300 and now you have $550 lent at 20%. At the end of the 2nd month you would have $660, correct?

Do that for just 2 years. How much would you think you would have vs giving $250/month to a software vendor?


Yes, 'do the math'. The number for 10 years is astronomical!

With the exception of Pawnbroker Pawn Shop Software (offered on this website), pawn-software vendors have high hopes of becoming rich with their never-ending ever-increasing software fees. You do the work and pay them. Make sense?

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