Just hate it when some software vendor quotes the cost of using 'his' software that turns out to be bullhits after purchase. You should be riled.

We don't play that game. The prices you are quoted for software, hardware, support of the software and support of you and your employees is disclosed and fixed up front.

We use our website to disclose the cost of the software and hardware. Our competitors, as you've likely discovered pass up this opportunity by purposely avoiding any disclosure of cost because the costs are outrageous - for the software, for the hardware and worst of all, for the ongoing forced payment of either 1) the use of the software and/or 2) the cost of help.

Quite frankly poor managers of pawn shops who end up spending thousands (no joke) on the 'wrong software' can't claim ignorance because they had better alternatives. Now stupidity is another matter, and quite common in pawn shops that fail.

Be smart. At least go through the free live demo of Pawnbroker Pawn Shop Software 0 a few minutes to determine if this simple program is all that is needed to automate your business, save tons of time and money and free you up to the real demand of turning a profit.

Pawn Software Programs in WV

Pawnbroker Pawn Shop Software complies with West Virginia regulations. Pawn and buy-outright tickets as well as check cashing and payday loans may be printed on 8.5 sheets.

You could ask your local competitors which pawn software they are using then inquire as to what their experiences were 'after the sale'. Here's a few examples:

  • Tech support wasn't as aggressive as the salesman
  • They learned about adverse policy provisions and hidden fees after the money-back period
  • They discovered issues with the software - mostly because every software program was written - not by Microsoft or Adobe or Sun but by individuals who may have been self taught or - not working for Microsoft or Adobe or Sun...
  • They were hit with increases in that monthly or annual 'support fee'.
  • The 'company' that sold the software disappeared.

Now the real 'scam' is indiviual programmers making claims that they can neither substantiate or live up to, warning you about the very things that you sould be wary of in dealing with 'them'.

The easy route is to cut out the nonsense and get a demo of Pawnbroker Pawn Shop Software. You can use it with live data or sample data for 2 weeks to determine that it's the right program for your shop, then buy it, pay once and forget about it.

Otherwise most of our competitors stand ready to relieve you of just as much Ben Franklins as you're willing to part with. The sky is the limit!

4-18-19 Version 6.0.8585

8634 4-18-19 - Don't show voids in Items (Indiana)
8585 4/12/19 - Updated LEADS file generation
8551 4/05/19 - Gun-Log Report modifications
8549 4/05/19 - Substituted Sort by Description for Sort by % Share
8532 3/30/19 - Fixed error 12 edit pawn (Mississippi)
8502 3/20/19 - Fixed label issue for one South Dakota pawn shop

9-18-18 Version 6.0.7891

7891 9/18/18 - P&L adjustment
7891 9/18/18 - Configured pawn-reminder letter for S.C.
7888 9/12/18 - Fixed redemption error 7777 8/15/18 - Configured 2-per-page pawnt ticket
7637 5/18/18 - Variable Service Charge on the CFM
7604 4/21/18 - Cash drawer only opens for non-credit-card transactions
7580 4/11/18 - Print thermal labels from batch enter screen
7438 2/01/18 - Added WA State new-license scan
7415 2/23/18 - Print purchased items on receipt printer
7344 2/10/18 - Fixed another-item issue

1-27-18 Version 6.0.7325

Replaced 'pawner' with 'client' throughout (because PPSS also processes outright purchases)

09-5-17 Version 6.0.6877

Assign interest for individual pawns outside rate schedules
Option to renew due date for 1 period if payment is made within grace
Past-Maturity report
Requirements of Military Lending Act

01-25-17 Version 6.0.6487

5722 - Fixed possibility of saving batch enter new items twice
5985 - Added format code for storage fee due at maturity
6295 - Fixed gun log not finding gun records
6322 - The Give Discount permission now prevents an unauthorized employee from changing the price before or after the sale.
6399 - Added option to remove extended status information from work-area table
6487 -Added automatic forfeit plus report

05-26-16 Version 6.0.5679

5298 - Data can now be archived and trimmed to produce a faster working database
5355 - Fixed items not saving in batch enter
5400 - Format code for storage fee due at maturity
5475 - Fixed missing gun log entries
5679 - The batch-enter window will not close until the user clicks on Save.

Pawnbroker Pawn Shop Software