Pawn Shop Systems

A 'system' is typically a computer, a software program and the hardware that it supports (POS and label printers, drawers, barcode/license/fingerprint scanners, signature pads, webcams...

There are no apparent benefits (and could be some drawbacks) to acquiring a computer from a software developer (higher cost, possible lack of support, no local access to hands-on support) so it might be best to acquire computers from sources that are in the business of selling and supporting PCs. Dell is good because they can have a local tech at the store 'next day' to address issues.

Pricing Software Systems

The cost of a pawn POS system ranges from a few hundred dollars to thousands depending upon your choice of software. With at least one exception (Pawnbroker Pawn Shop Software) there are plans in place to assure a steady flow of funds from pawn shops to software vendors, so "Heads up!".

Pawnbroker Pawn Shop Software is a one-time payment for the purchase and lifetime use of the software. While you can't resell it or give it to another, the payment is final, with the exception of a small fee for software updating.

Rental Software Pricing Scheme

Scheme: A devious plan to create a stream of income from pawn shops for software.

Pay monthly for software? Great idea - for the software vendor. Not so good for pawn-shop owners who just want a software program to run their shops. This wildly unpopular idea of 'renting' software (as a service) is a 'scheme' for generating an endless stream of income from pawn shop to vendor. The hidden cost is future price increases! When payment for the software stops, the software stops.

Vendors who push this racket try to cover it up with ridiculous claims like "Free Support Included!" and "Lowest Startup Cost!".

The 'Support' Pricing Scheme

Another spin on the same goal of creating a flow of funds from shop to vendor is open-ended precharging for support - whether it will ever be needed or not! 'Open ended' because once you're locked into the software, the monthly or annual 'support fee' is sure to increase and there's not predefined limit.

Selling Pawn Software

The vendors with the highest prices refuse to disclose price information on their websites, simply because they know most pawn-shop owners will move on when hit with the sticker shock. They make it necessary to call so their high-pressure salesman might have a shot at convincing shop owners as to why their 'software' is worth the cost. (It's not.)

A software vendor might say that his support payments are 'optional' without mentioning the consequences if support fees are not paid, which are usually the withholding of (essential) software updates and denial of support in all forms. (Every software program must be updated periodically, from Windows on down.)

Pawnbroker Pawn Shop Software
Buy it before the price goes up!...

Use thermal printers with PPSS to print receipts and price labels/hang tags, or print receipts and tickets (for pawn, buy outright, check cashing, payday and title loans) with a common ink printer.

The program can use scanners for barcodes, drivers licenses and fingerprints.

Cash drawers and webcams can also be used as well as an electronic signature pad.

The price for PPSS is layered so start-up and small businesses can enter affordably. As needs and computing skills grow, shop owners can upgrade to higher editions of the software to acquire more features.

Pawnbroker Pawn Shop Software