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"You'd have to have a screw loose to get roped into paying every month for software for your pawn shop, but apparently some pawnbrokers have loose screws." Software Nerd

Now, in our estimation, OK people are some of the wisest most logical people in the U.S. as evidenced by the fact that not one county in the state carried the vote for a dem president in 2012. Not patronizing you - just achknowledging and respecting your good judgement ;)

Here's soemthing else to catch onto:

Pawn software vendors have a plan to gouge you as much as they possibly can for - not just 'software' and 'hardware' - but for support. Their programs costing maybe $1500 up front (bad enough) are the tip of the priceberg. If you fall into their waters, you'll get drug into some very deep fees for 'support' - which is entirely nonsense.

For one, who wants to buy a program that needs 'support' to the tune of $200 per month? Is it that complicated. That messed up? Just what are these gargantuan for?

They are solely for the purpose of shifting large amounts of money from your bank account to the vendor's bank account. Pretty simple. Very outrageous. And you will get squat in return.

Instead, get Pawnbroker Pawn Shop Software. You won't get gouged or screwed and you won't walk around your shop kicking yourself on the backside because you didn't.

Internet Software is Expensive and Dangerous

'Permanent software' installs on shop computers where shop business and information are safe and reliable. The shop owner owns the software.

'Temporary software' is 'rented' and resides on the Internet (web-based, cloud) making a business totally dependent upon the Internet and others with sensitive store and client data floating around in cyberspace waiting for a hack.

In some jurisdictions pawn shops are not allowed to use web-based software because of the risks.

Needless to say many shop owners are opposed to paying thousands of dollars over time for rented software when permanent low-cost software is available.

Here's one pusher of web-based software attempting to sell his rental software by demonizing his competitors' shop-based software:

"All of these [permanent] software packages are an emulation of Pawnshop business practices from the 50's - 70's. It is the way my dad ran his business. The coolest invention back then was carbon paper and the Uarco ticket dispenser, that is, until these products became available."

Response: No pawn shop today is operating with 'old business practices'. Neither is any software program. Outright idiocy...

"I think a majority of Pawnshops today want to operate their business differently, but find it very hard to change. And even more, they don't know why it's so hard? It's impossible because of your current system."

Response: More moronic spew. Any 'current system' would NOT prevent switching to another program or make it difficult much less "impossible".

"Systems dictate an operating philosophy and all of these products emulate the operations of the past."

Response: Permanent software installed on shop computers is way safer and more reliable than this suggestion:

"The most obvious question is the Internet. What successful retail or bank today doesn’t have an integrated (in store and online) ecommerce solution. "The Pawn Industry." It is time to look at our business with a fresh perspective."

Response: Shop owners don't trust their businesses with the Internet for very good reasons:

  1. Down Time: Those who push web-based software will offer up tons of unfounded assurances that shop business will not be interrupted by outages of a) your electricity b) your Internet connection c) the remote computer d) the remote computer's electricity e) the software developer remaining in business. When assurances of reliability are proffered, asked for a copy of the software developer's terms of service or agreement and note the disclaimers, usually in all capital letters, disclaiming and refusing any responsibility for all that can go wrong with the platform (the Internet) he is suggesting you base you business upon.
  2. Risk: Putting your business on a computer that you know nothing about, owned and operated by someone you don't know also exposes your information and your clients' information to hackers, which is a reason why some lawmen won't allow pawn shops to operate in the cloud.
  3. Cost: Cloud software providers often do not post costs on their websites because their phones would seldom ring if they did. Not posting pricing publicly forces interested parties into high-pressure sales conversations where after a concerted effort to sell sell sell features price is finally disclosed, so a very big waste of time if you have already decided that no software program, no matter how great or pretty, is worth $200 a month more or less.
  4. Security: Who's in control of your data? If/when you finally have had enough of price gouging just to operate a software program and want to get away, can you get your data? Find out now before you get locked in and trust that some software providers will turn this screw when given the opportunity.

Nonsense like this is to be expected from purveyors of cloud pawn software who stand to reap thousands of dollars from every single pawn shop that falls for the sales hype. 'Clown software' perhaps?

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