With Pawnbroker Pawn Shop Software permanent changes can be made in the software's configuration to avoid having to repeatedly enter the same information (to be printed on report, pawn tickets, etc.).

Most importantly though is cost. Payment for the software is once.

On the other hand, if help is needed, payment is made at the time support is provided - for any reason, including help with hardware, computers, Windows and networking.

Of course there is an ongoing cost of maintaining the software which happens in the background with tech support and is completely hidden and separate from those who use the software. Because software users enjoy improvements in the software, each shop pays a nominal $195 per year for 'software maintenance'.

Pawnbroker Pawn Shop Software
The best value in pawn software...

The Intro edition of PPSS is the lowest in price at $695. (All payments for software are one time.) Intro is a basic pawn-processing software and prints everything (price labels, hang tags, reports, receipts and pawn tickets) on regular paper using a common ink printer.

The Deluxe edition ($695) supports cash drawers and receipt printers (depending upon make and model). Loan interest can be 'prorated' in that interest can be charged for a portion of the loan period.

The Diamond edition ($895) can print price labels and hang tags from rolls of labels using a thermal label printer. Pictures can be taken of pawners and their items. Multiple computers can be connected at the same location to share the same database.

Diamond and the 24k edition ($995) allow the shop owner to manage shop employees:

  • Block access to data
  • Prevent sales voids & POS discounts

Pawnbroker Pawn Shop Software