Dazzle Pawn Software Review

The word that comes to mind when viewing the dazzle-pawn-software website for the first time is 'cheesy' but the shocking concern is that there is no way to contact the 'author' who apparently in a one-man operation out of 'the UK'. (Clicking on 'Contact Us' (suggesting more than one person of course) brings up an 'under construction page'. What?

Also, as is typical of pawn-software vendors with high prices, the website owner does a great job of avoiding how much it will cost to venture into this program. The question is posed, 'How much does Dazzle cost?' and the question is effectively skirted: "No. In fact it's very expensive not to have it. It's all about value, not price. Dazzle™ is an indispensible service, not a product, so we don't "sell" it to you. It is like your security system or your wireless phone service. How could you exist without them? Would you even want to try? Of course not. You recognize their value, so you pay a subscription each year, and in exchange you are constantly kept up to date with the service, and all the latest updates and features, and also with all the support you need. But you do not "own" them. For you it is a relationship, not a purchase. For your business, it is simply a fixed cost, like rent. There are no unpleasant surprises or unexpected expenses. The best thing is -- in terms of startup costs, Dazzle™ is two-thirds less expensive than many other major pawn and cheque software systems."

At first blush this appears to be one person operating overseas attempting to sell software to pawn shops in the U.S.

The website includes commentary on the fact that several software 'developers' have come and gone over the years so perhaps the commentary actually serves as a reminder that individuals writing and offering a software program to businesses is in itself inherently risky.

How much does Dazzle cost?

As of this writing it has not been possible to contact 'Derek' or get a handle on price but even without a dollar amount there's another risk in getting involved with any software program that wields a monthly fee and that is that the monthly amount can be increased at any time by any amount and unless the shop owner wants to go through the problems and added costs of switching to another program, converting the data (with risk of data loss) and learning another system, buying into programs that aren't one-time payments is signing a blank check.

Pawnbroker Pawn Shop Software
The best value in pawn software...

Unlike Dazzle Pawnbroker Pawn Shop Software is a one-time payment with a minimal annual maintenance fee.

Prices for the different levels of PPSS are (much) lower than other programs because prices have not been padded with prepayment for support.

The ongoing cost of Pawnbroker Pawn Shop Software is way less because while some competitors charge $150/month for 'support and updates' PPSS charges in minimal amount for updates.

A free live demo is available prior to purchase - to assure that the program has all features needed, that it works properly on the shop's computer and that the shop owner is satisfied that PPSS is the right choice for his or her business.

Pawnbroker Pawn Shop Software