Convert CompuPawn Software to Pawnbroker Pawn Shop Software

How much does CompuPawn software cost? Don't know. There is no cost information on the website - always an indication of high prices.

Another indication of price jacking is a few 'modules' which no doubt cost more than a quoted price for 'the software': accounting, bar coding, inventory management, revenue enhancement, store management.

There's a link named 'Training & Support' but no mention of terms and price - another indicator of potential add-on cost.

The Common Sense Alternative

Pawnbroker Software is tiered in price so small shops and those just getting started can get the essentials of pawn-loan processing without being forced to pay for features that are unwanted and unneeded. Upgrades are available with credit of previous amounts paid.

Our competitors have been heard saying that we operate "out of a basement somewhere" but no, we are in Dallas, TX and have been providing software, hardware and support for pawn shops since 2002.

You can't purchase our software until we've gone through the free live demo to assure that the program works on your computer and does all the things that are needed and will be needed.

Please download the demo and take a look at this overview video.

4-8-10 / Version 5.1.4410

Bar-code layout window has a reset button for row space
Category field on the Items-Sold List is limited to 20 characters (to avoid overprint)
CSV export options are simplified
Currency may be set in Program Setup
Data import/export has been simplified by consolidating options on the Utilities menu.
Description and Item Number on bar-code labels are limited to 30 characters
Missing discount schedule on Medium Price Labels fixed
Ocxnext reference removed from auto update
Settlements - Print a trial run without finalizing settlements
Storage transfers are linked to inventory report filters
The EVO thermal receipt printer will now be the default receipt printer selection in PPSS Printer Setup.

4-1-10 / Version 5.1.4340

Batch entry price labels are now limited to the Internal ID Series assigned to the workstation (to prevent duplication)
Disbursement Report Total fixed
Download/install current application file (ppss.exe) regardless of version
Registration module replaced to resolve McAfee conflict
Repeating check amounts on settlement checks fixed
Report titles expanded
Row-height settings on bar-code setup page now saved
Sales Recap error fixed

3-24-10 / Version 5.1.4311

Added 2.25" x 1.37" label for Zebra 2824 printer
AUTOMATIC UPDATE - Each time PPSS starts it checks for new updates
Fixed error when entering a new consignor
Fixed missing report header

2-23-10 5.1.4287

Added code 85 to pawn ticket format for buy outright total.
Added code 86 to pawn ticket format for total payments received.
Added details and serial numbers from police report.
Added item details and serial number to the police report csv.
Completed integrated ATF Form 4473 for PPSS 24k.
Fixed loss of format file values.
Fixed not using the rate schedule.
Price label designer now remembers previous sort order.
The Rebuild Index (lower right) now reindexes the database when not used for something else.

1-10-10 5.1.4196

Added scan of drivers license to enter new pawners

12-16-09 5.1.4067

Fixed close out recap when there are no employees
Fixed cursor not staying in read-bar-code box
Fixed error message when opening sale on hold
Fixed price labels not using set margin from select items to print function
24k: Added option to upload consignor information and inventory items at once

10-17-09 5.1.4027

Adjusted spacing on sales recap
Barcodes appear in inventory details automatically after assigning bar codes
Fixed close/edit button on check screen
Fixed missing total on Today Sold report
Fixed reversed height and weight on forms designer
Florida pawn ticket format file
Shift close-out report
Unlisted-item first-time message now restarts when activated in program setup
User-Defined Groups drop downs max height on batch enter window at 20

10-17-09 5.1.3689

Added .csv export of Police Report
Fixed cursor movement problem on new pawn window
Fixed height & weight transposed on pawn ticket
PPSS defaults to pawn-ticket.txt for pawn form

8-20-09 5.1.3222
Fixed due dates being reset when daily interest is computed
Reversed height and weight field on LEADS report
Police report columns no longer overlap
LEADS report now shows "none" for ID2 if no selection was made

8-13-09 5.1.3194
Fixed maximum percentage
Sale of an item allowed when date forfeited is in the future

7-12-09 5.1.2973
Added copy/paste in the agreement editor.
Added Inventory CSV import/export.
Added maximum interest at 5, 10, 15 days.
Added option to have transfer of aged inventory occur before scheduled discounts.
Added option to include layaways in settlements.
Fixed $1000 item price on new-sale doc saving as $1.
Fixed double date on Items Sold report header.
Fixed error message when changing the consignor percentage for one consignor using the percentage tool.
Fixed incorrect price on Epson receipts for 2nd and subsequent items.
Fixed invoice/settlement date not showing in Account History.
Fixed possible error message when starting a new shift till (Diamond).
Fixed possible error message when viewing inventory report.
Fixed possible printing of wrong settlement docs when doing a batch settlement.
Fixed price field blank on new sale item pick list.
Reduced batch-settle processing time for many consignors.

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