10 Pawn-Software Questions to Ask

Find out now what it’s going to cost later to fail to ask these questions of a software vendor selling pawn software:

  1. After I’m locked into the software, can you increase the monthly or annual payment?
  2. Can you add new fees?
  3. Do you charge an additional fee for reporting to LEADS, the police or any other agency?
  4. How much does it cost to add one more station or user at the same location? 2 more? Several?
  5. How much does it cost for copies of the software at multiple locations?
  6. Do you charge for converting data from another program to yours? How much?
  7. Why can I not find prices on your website for your software (or hardware)?
  8. A written disclosure of every possible fee that I might encounter is required? Problem?
  9. Is it possible for my data to get hacked?
  10. Do you make disparaging comments about your competitors as part of your marketing effort.

Clearly the questions suggest that prices aren’t quoted on some websites and prices are not fully disclosed prior to purchase, making it necessary to put the salesman’s feet to the fire to get an admission of what waits in terms of cost after purchase, and sadly, that’s a fact with some software offers.

The folks at Pawnbroker Pawn Shop Software strip away the hassle of finding a decent software program for the least amount of money by prominently displaying prices for their 4 levels of software (and hardware) publicly on their website as well as explaining that while there is no prepayment (monthly or annually) for ‘support’, there is a reasonable charge starting in the 2nd year for ‘software maintenance’ (updates).

“If you have to ask how much it costs, it probably costs way too much.”

Every Man’s Dad

With most programs for pawn shops, the starting price is just the tip of the priceberg.

If you ‘call for pricing’ count on a hard sell as to why the software is worth thousands of dollars over time, because that is what it will cost: $10,000s. If you just want to get the job done – process transactions, keep track of ‘everything’, report to authorities, put all that money in your 401k and go with Pawnbroker Pawn Shop Software 888-427-5779 (not available in TX)