'Data Age' warns several times about the shady practices of its competitors of hiding fees, real costs and adverse provisions while avoiding putting all fees and adverse policies front and center where they can be seen. "How much?" You won't get an answer without suffering through the sales pitch phone call. Read on...

Data Age's 'Pawnmaster' Hypocrisy

From the horse's mouth:

  • "Pay close attention to the total cost of ownership with other software vendors. Make sure you do your homework and ask the right questions. There are often hidden fees and additional service charges that are not initially mentioned."
    • It's impossible to 'pay close attention to the total cost of ownership' of "Pawnmaster" because its fraudsters purposely avoid disclosing these very same costs ANYWHERE! - certainly not on the website, as you may know, and not in any pre-purchase disclosure statement. "NOT INITIALLY MENTIONED!"
  • "We make it simple – we’re your one-stop-shop for getting everything you need to reduce your costs."
    • Just farcical - coming from the very vendor of pawn software who has every intention of raking you for, seriously, thousands of dollars over time. Come on. Get real.
  • "With PawnMaster there are no surprises when it comes to costs."
    • We're playing the bullshit card and we'll prove it.
  • "The cost of support, ongoing development, software updates, compliancy, account oversight and online training are all included in your Customer Care Agreement."
    • So why bury these costs in an 'agreement' that you know is seldom read? With your accusations against your competitors for hiding fees and your obvious effort to rake people. honesty and full disclosure, why not put them in plain site PRIOR TO PURCHASE?
    • Why require new purchasers to sign an agreement to not dump your software for 3 years? If you enter into a contract that fails to disclose any material fact, the contract is not only not enforceable, it's grounds for a refund and a law suit for fraud.

7-16-11 / Version 5.1.6029

Added Partial Payment on Principle.
Created several new format file codes.
Fixed date discounted filter for inventory reports.
Fixed error message when trying to save a new-sale record when a new sale is also open on another new-sale page.
Fixed loss of pawn fees when selecting an item category on the new pawn window.
Fixed price field not saving on batch inventory edit window.
Lost-ticket fee will not increase loan amount.
New-pawn window stays open until the user has printed both a barcode and a pawn ticket or clicks OK.
Ticket printed from the new-pawn window shows non-prorated interest for the 1st period.

6-12-11 / Version 5.1.5876

Assign Consignor % per category.
Assign Tax % per category.
Discount Schedule date/price on price tags 1.5" or taller
Fixed duplicate ID error when doing a batch delete.
Fixed error message saving new categories.
The check number on the Edit-Disbursement can be changed.

5-7-11 / Version 5.1.5714

Added Gold/Not Gold to Pawn Reports Designer
Adjusted position of page number and far right column on police reports
Buy Outright can now be chosen as the default for new items
Change default program installation directory to C:\PPSS
Consignor filter for the Disbursements Report Designer
Fixed Gold/Not Gold, Gun/Not Gun filters for the Pawn Report Designer
New-sale documents load selected Pawner info in the Pawners Work Area or selected buyer info in the Buyers Work Area
Pawn History is available for Pawn records
PPSS Intro for Charlotte is now Charlotte Police Reporting Software
Print Preview now defaults to 'off' for Florida PPSS users
Specify separate printers for documents and pawn tickets
Updated Account History and Current Item functions for Pawners

4-3-11 / Version 5.1.5544

Fixed multiple items on a pawn ticket
Added file codes 101, 102, 103, 104, 105, 106, 107
Fixed separate pawn ticket series for direct buys
Fixed jewelry weights not appearing on pawn tickets
Fixed reading FL non standard birthday format on drivers license
Fixed doubling pawn redeem amount on due date
Fixed opening extended UDG's from new pawn ticket
Fixed filters not working with barcode selection list
Fixed closing the select labels to print window
Fixed printing vertical zebra labels from the select labels window

12-6-10 / Version 5.1.5022

Added 3.37" x 1.1875" vertical 2-across thermal tag support
Added Send-today/since-last to Charlotte version
Added Star TSP100 receipt printer support
Dollar sign will be ignored if entered in Program Setup

11-7-10 / Version 5.1.4855

Error message when creating a pawn removed
Separate number sequence for buy tickets
Specify a non-prorated interest for the first 5 days, and periods thereafter

9-3-10 / Version 5.1.4699

Added 2.25" x 1.37" non-adhesive thermal tag support
Added buy outright custom pawn ticket form for Charlotte
Added Charlotte custom pawn form
Added export-police report as text file for Charlotte
Added inventory reports for PPSS Intro
Added pawn variable fee schedule for WA State
Added under 18 notice for Charlotte new pawners
Charlotte report now uses 24 hour clock
Fixed error message starting new pawn
Fixed error message when filtering pawn reports
Fixed error when using the client filter on pawn reports

6-9-10 / Version 5.1.4585

Current items list error fixed
Fixed file-in-use error when importing inventory csv
Registration fixed

5-17-10 / Version 5.1.4505

Batch Settlement Window duplicate entries removed
Checks printing error fixed
Inventory reports and labels now has a secondary sort by item number when using the Consignor Filter
Label option added for Zebra printers: 2.25" x 1.25" adhesive

5-7-10 / Version 5.1.4479

Fixed program not running after trial period
Internal Consignor IDs now appear on add/edit screens
Fixed inability to delete items

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