Pawndex Pawn Software Cost Revealed

How much does Pawndex cost? There is no cost disclosure on the Pawndex website. Apparently a phone call is required for cost disclosure.

These prices were provided by a recent inquirer:

The 10-year cost of this pawn software can be $7,500 for the buy, pawn, POS and inventory program - $,500 up front (plus . The annual fee is $540 or $30 per 5 minute phone call plus $20 for every 5 minutes. Pricing does not include hardware and the annual fee is subject to increases.

Compare to Pawnbroker Pawn Shop Software


Setup Fee


1st Year

5 Years1

10 Years1


$ 0



$ 3,094


$ 0




$ 2,614

From the Pawndex website:

"Pawndex support agreements are completely optional. Pawndex does not require a monthly or annual fee to keep it working, like many of the other software packages for pawnshops."

Heads up: There is no disclosure as to the consequences of NOT paying the annual fee.

From the Pawndex website:

"If you are here, investigating Pawndex, because of the way you've been treated, or from the never ending costs you get with other pawnshop software, then you've come to the right place. Integrity - Complete disclosure before the sale. You know exactly what you’re getting. NO Surprises!"

Comment: A website should be used to disclose as well as sell, sell, sell. Failing to disclose the the downside (potential costs, increasing cost and the penalities for NOT paying the annual fee) is no different from other high-priced offerings attempting to start a relationship with deception.

From the Pawndex website:

"We respect our customers and give them the most valuable thing we have...our time."

Observation: Yes, at the rate of $540 per year or $30 per 5 minute phone call plus $20 for every 5 minutes - all subject to increases.

The Elephant in the Room


Future Cost Risk

Once locked into a software program it's fairly certain that the 'annual fee' or phone rates will be increased. Shop owners are loathed to switch to another program even when warnings about rising costs come to fruition.

What is the cost to add more stations or to open other locations? Not disclosed on the website...

Demo User Comment:

"Looks like an old DOS program."

The Cost-Effective Alternative

Pawnbroker Pawn Shop Software - One payment for lifetime use and no forced annual or monthly support fees.

The closest to nirvana in pawn-shop software is Pawnbroker Pawn Shop Software. It's one-off, no forced support fees. Support is billed as it is used and if it is never used, there's never a charge for support - fair enough. Beginning with the first anniversary of purchase, there will be a small annual payment for software maintenance.

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