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Perhaps you've experienced something similar to this blog entry - very high costs, ongoing fees, struggles with 'tech support'...

Leave those troubles behind. Choose one of the Pawnbroker Pawn Shop Software programs below and put an end to the plethera of support issues and costs by converting your data, program and reliance to PPSS.

A key feature of Pawnbroker Pawn Shop Software is the ability to print tickets on sheets (unless your shop is in Florida where the Burrell from must be used). Actually tickets (agreements, transactions) can be printed for check cashing, payday and title loans, pawns, buy outright (resale) and pawn-due notices.

Adhesive or nonadhesive price labels can be printed and with more advanced editions of PPSS, thermal label and receipt printers, cash drawers, barcode, license and finger scanners and are supported.

Get a $100 discount if you will be transferring your credit-card processing business to us. It's integrated with the software for easy processing, and the rates are very competitive.

The Editions of PPSS

A customizable pawn form for printing pawn tickets with a ink printer (except Florida). Do away with expensive pre-printed pawn tickets. Save time and money!  (Burrell Forms can also be used in all states. A customization fee would apply.)

Intro ($495) is a simple pawn software program with pawner, pawn and disbursement records, automated fees, adjustments, redemptions and forfeits. It prints checks, pawn and buy-outright tickets and reports. Resale (buy outright) is included. Consignment is available as an add-on module ($395).

Deluxe ($695) adds barcodes (on sheet labels and tags), gun and police reports, ATF Hold, L.E.A.D.S., pawn fees by category, payday/title loans, check cashing, rentals.

Diamond ($895) provides the muscle a high-volume pawn business needs. It adds buyer records and supports bar coding, cash drawer/receipt printing, employee management, layaways, networking, pictures, thermal-label printing and a gold calculator.

24karat ($995) adds Electronic Fingerprinting, Gun Log and Signature Pad, Drivers License Scanning (all states except

GA and TX), FTP LEADS Reporting, Web Cam.

User Text - Identify and group customers with unique text. Create reports using unique text as filters. Example: Enter 'bad check' in each customer's User-Text Field who has written a bad check then use 'bad check' as a filter to generate a report including only those individuals.

Discount by Category - Any inventory category can have its own aged-inventory discount schedule.
Print 'secret codes' for unsold inventory (donate, return or transfer to house account) on bar-code labels.
Report filters for birthdays by month

Direct purchase from consignor
4 user-defined inventory fields
Disposition filter for consignor reports
Bar-code test print
New combo box with auto completion of entries
New manual
Batch inventory entry tab moves across the grid.

Added loan by gold carats/weight

Added option to settle accounts based upon balance. For example, only settle accounts with a balance of $5 or more.
Can set the default payment type. (Set as 'Check' if always or most often paying by check.)
Enter the amount due in the Amount-Paid Box for a single settlement.
Thanks to Brenda Hobbs of Starting Over Consignments, Sulphur Springs, TX, for these suggestions!

All editions -
Remove sales on hold from consignor account balance computation
Table width adjustments in some areas
Print preview adjustment
Fix for shut down error on Windows 98/ME
Function Keys added

  •   F1 - Help - Manual
  •   F3 - Enter New Consignors
  •   F4 - Enter New Inventory Items
  •   F5 - Process New Settlements
  •   F6 - Go to Consignors Work Area
  •   F7 - Go to Inventory Work Area
  •   F8 - Go to Sales Work Area
  •   F9 - Go to Settlements Work Area
  • F10 - New-Sales Screen

All editions -
Added buttons on the Inventory Tool Bar for entering retail and consignor inventory.
Added a filter to Inventory Reports that separates inventory from retail, forfeited, and bought inventory.
Reporting for retail inventory now includes cost of goods sold and appears in Shop Totals in the Sales Recap report.
Diamond - Invoice screens accept scanner input. No long necessary to move the New-Sales Screen to the background before scanning codes.

All editions -
Attach and view pictures of inventory items.
Adjustable receipt printer font size
Leads Online support
Update multiple pawns at once.
Improved calendar allows older dates and pictures.

All editions -
Process multiple pawns at once

All editions -
New Pawnbroker Pawn Shop Software released

All editions -
Tabbed Invoices