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Lowest Cost! Pawnbroker Pawn Shop Software

Every pawn shop program with the exception of Pawnbroker Pawn Shop Software forces monthly or annual payments for alleged 'support'. Why buy a program that requires so much 'support'? We have no prepayments for support and there are no ongoing forced payments for support. There is a modest annual fee to help cover the cost of maintaining the program.

A couple of software providers will show up at your front door to help you learn the program. Why buy a program that requires a day or two to learn? We provide a free live demo and help with setting up and using hardware (printers, etc) and it's done.

Pawnbroker Pawn Shop Software is a one-time payment for lifetime use. Prices are lower because they aren't padded with prepayment for support. Overall long-term cost is way lower because there are no forced payments for support. If you don't keep paying 'the other guys' your program will stop working.

Ongoing ever-increasing support fees are great for the software provider but for you - not so much.

Come to us for a free live demo. We won't accept payment until you're satisfied with the program and with knowing what you're costs are going to be after purchase.

Pawnbroker Pawn Shop Software Updates

Every software program is a work in progress. Improvements are made. 'Bugs' are fixed. Special situations are addressed. 'Updating' means installing the latest version of the software to obtain the most recent improvements.

Edition and Version #

The software edition and version appear in the upper left corner in PPSS. In this example the edition is 24karat and the version is 6.0.2372:

To Update Your Program:

Send an email to Support with your name, shop name and PPSS edition (Intro, Deluxe, Diamond or 24karat) and a note that you would like to update. We will reply with instructions.

4-18-19 Version 6.0.8585

8634 4-18-19 - Don't show voids in Items (Indiana)
8585 4/12/19 - Updated LEADS file generation
8551 4/05/19 - Gun-Log Report modifications
8549 4/05/19 - Substituted Sort by Description for Sort by % Share
8532 3/30/19 - Fixed error 12 edit pawn (Mississippi)
8502 3/20/19 - Fixed label issue for one South Dakota pawn shop

9-18-18 Version 6.0.7891

7891 9/18/18 - P&L adjustment
7891 9/18/18 - Configured pawn-reminder letter for S.C.
7888 9/12/18 - Fixed redemption error 7777 8/15/18 - Configured 2-per-page pawnt ticket
7637 5/18/18 - Variable Service Charge on the CFM
7604 4/21/18 - Cash drawer only opens for non-credit-card transactions
7580 4/11/18 - Print thermal labels from batch enter screen
7438 2/01/18 - Added WA State new-license scan
7415 2/23/18 - Print purchased items on receipt printer
7344 2/10/18 - Fixed another-item issue

1-27-18 Version 6.0.7325

Replaced 'pawner' with 'client' throughout (because PPSS also processes outright purchases)

09-5-17 Version 6.0.6877

Assign interest for individual pawns outside rate schedules
Option to renew due date for 1 period if payment is made within grace
Past-Maturity report
Requirements of Military Lending Act

01-25-17 Version 6.0.6487

5722 - Fixed possibility of saving batch enter new items twice
5985 - Added format code for storage fee due at maturity
6295 - Fixed gun log not finding gun records
6322 - The Give Discount permission now prevents an unauthorized employee from changing the price before or after the sale.
6399 - Added option to remove extended status information from work-area table
6487 -Added automatic forfeit plus report

05-26-16 Version 6.0.5679

5298 - Data can now be archived and trimmed to produce a faster working database
5355 - Fixed items not saving in batch enter
5400 - Format code for storage fee due at maturity
5475 - Fixed missing gun log entries
5679 - The batch-enter window will not close until the user clicks on Save.

03-09-16 Version 6.0.5334

4412 - Dymo 4450 adjustment for single-roll use
4422 - Buy-Outright Agreement includes items purchased
4636 - Sort added to ID column on Return-Items screen
4729 - Added extent maturity date function for pawns
4814 - Pawn IDs will no longer skip
5048 - Changed 'Items Sold Month' to 'last month' vs 'last 30 days'
5193 - Item IDs on the batch-buy-outright table now sort as numbers (1,2,10), not text (1,10,2)
5201 - 'Batch Enter' renamed 'Batch Consignment'
5203 - Buy Outright Agreement and item list are on one page
5203 - Buy Outright items accepted without sell price
5220 - Header in item-pick list sorts as expected
5232 - Location added to inventory reports
5239 - Batch-Enter Window not saving prices - fixed
5245 - Items-Sold-Month function corrected to show all items sold
5277 - All Buy Outright processes can be completed with the press of a single button
5283 - The final version of program registration revisions
5334 - New installation files

6-22-2015 Version 6.0.3832

3658 - Fixed interest for 1st period added to interest in the 2nd period, and again in the 3rd period

2-15-2015 Version 6.0.2554

Added consolidated report of Redemption Notices printed

10-13-2014 Version 6.0.2554

Added 360-day-year option in program setup for APR computation
Added font size, font rotation, and loan ID based barcode to pawn ticket format file Added pawn date/time option to pawn price labels
Added text to the paid-loan window saying that auto title loans should be processed as pawns
Fixed error message when creating an auto title loan
Made it possible to specify a third-period fee that does not carry forward to the fourth period
Past-Due-Items Notification when starting a new pawn

6-16-2014 Version 6.0.2015

LEADS report now transmits by FTP and includes inventory and pawner pictures
Redeem function fixed and a warning added when a pawn can't be redeemed because it is a BO

4-19-2014 Version 6.0.1813

Added Gun Log to the 24k edition
Barcode not generating past the first item on a pawn ticket - fixed
Web-cam support added

3-5-2014 Version 6.0.1531

Added "You Saved" entry to receipts.
Added format code 138. It retrieves either the loan date or the most recent periodic payment date if any.
Consignor Messages now save automatically in the Edit Consignor window.
Fixed disappearing police reports in Reports Menu.
Fixed double buy and missing pawn records in police report.
Fixed format code 127, pawn due date based on maturity date.
Fixed format codes, 87, 104, 105, 112, 137 not computing amount due in future periods correctly
Fixed no response when clicking OK in the Choose Items to Print Labels
Fixed possible error message when printing pawn tickets from the New-Pawn window
Fixed some items missing from Pawner Recap computations.
Per item discounts now appear on sales receipts.
Pawn ticket adjustments for Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee

2-9-2014 Version 6.0.1379

Cash-drawer report not showing redemptions fixed
Changes to transaction date saved from the Pawn-History window
Disappearing bad-guy highlight fixed
Forfeiting a pawn error fixed
Missing information on Pawn-History report added
Option to set next due date at one period from full payment of interest and fees
Pawn ticket number added to thermal labels
Print a duplicate pawn payment receipt
Sales price when editing retail item records fixed
Saving new pawn fixed

Column misalignment in single-settlement check fixed
Grid component changed to improve sort and search v 6.0.516
Options added to disable batch settlements and Percentage Tool v. 6.0.418
Rewards Program added v. 6.0.412
Time stamp on the sales recaps v. 6.0.394
VISA payment method adjusted v. 6.0.438
Revised rates for Kentucky, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey

7/18/13 Version 6.0.364

Barcodes are auto-assigned to all new inventory items
Bonus for store-credit settlement can be based upon sale price or settlement amount
Buy outright and pawns current (by payment of accrued interest) removed from past-due report
Buyer name added to Sales Work Area Tab v. 6.0.236
Buyers' names added to Sales Table
Consignor Credit Sale included in Sales Report in 3-way payment
Credit Purchases can be nontaxable
Deleted categories are still tracked
Minor adjustments for New York, Delaware, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine
Details print on labels where store name was printing - Fixed v. 6.0.104
Fixed sales report for consignor credit sates that have more than 2 pay splits
Inventory Reports error fixed when attempting to open
Label sizes added to Label Screen
Last Sort remembered in main tables Last sort settings are now saved
Layaways access fixed v. 6.0.256
Layaways excluded from settlement trial print
List of items sold for the month added to consignor online information
Open Layaways omitted from settlement v. 6.0.338
Past-due pawn report - added pawn due date column
Pawners appearing as non taxable on sales documents - fixed
Print a thermal label from the New-Edit Item Windows
Print single label from New or Edit screens
Redeem a closed pawn error - fixed
Round pennies down at .02, up at .03 v. 6.0.101
Settlement ID collision prevented in a network situation
Store-credit purchases can be tax free v. 6.0.197
Store-credit settlement bonus can be based on sales proceeds or consignor's share v 6.0.202
Thermal labels sizes are now on the labels screen and edit window

6/5/14 Version 6.0.0

Alias 'loans' not found line number 7091 App_topform.toolbar1.error - Fixed v. 2086
Check for Pending Pay Method added when the sale is not a layaway
Error entering new resale item on pawn screen - Fixed v. 2095
Fees adjusted for multiple periods v.2056
Half-sheet pawn ticket added
Links to Notepad, Calculator and Screen Capture added in the Help menu
Loan Amount Range filter added to Inventory Reports
'No-Location-Assigned filter' added to Inventory Report Designer
Pawn Recap Report added
Rates for Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, South and North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin
Period 4 Pawn Charges corrected v. 2121
Periodic fee can be one time (Make the next period in the Fee Manager $0 to $1,000,000 zero for all parameters.)
Sales screen can no longer be closed with the Windows X
Save, Preview, Print Pawn Ticket error - Fixed v. 6.03
Variable redemption notice period added

5/15/13 / Version 5.2.2016

"Save-Preview-Print" payment dialogue now closes
All pawns reopened were adding $5 - fixed v. 1928
Bold print on pawn forms: Add ~~1 at the end of any line in the format file
Configured license scan for Wisconsin v. 1984
Cost field not saving entry - fixed v. 1889
Error accessing Inventory from Main Menu - fixed v. 1935
Generic Police Report fixed
Item-Cost input box added to Retail-Item-Edit window
Items Entered Today - fixed
LEADS scan fixed
Changes for New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, California, Utah, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, Hawaii, Alaska
New-Pawn Screen and Pawn-Payments Screens now have a pay-method box. Choose a method from the drop down. The shift report will show appropriate totals for each pay method separately from the sales pay-method list.
New WI drivers license format added v. 2033
Overlapping print fixed
Pawn not appearing on police report - fixed v. 1872
Print pawn payments on receipt printer v. 1892
Program will not open again if it is already running

3/31/13 / Version 5.2.1752

Customer tax ID not saving - fixed
Fees not appearing on pawn tickets - fixed
Fingerprint scanning added (Diamond and 24k)
Item cost now displayed for item selected on an invoice
Item price and quantity not appearing on item picklist - fixed
Loans-write-off error when opening batch edit - fixed
Serial number for retail items can be edited

3/19/13 / Version 5.2.1723

Added report and price-label filter for items on hold
Corrected Difference Value on IBCR report
Created ticket for Florida Burrell Buy-Outright forms
Fixed Colorado Springs police report
Fixed drivers license parsing for Arizona
Fixed error message running IBCR report

2/5/13 / Version 5.2.1700

Alabama drivers license scanning improved
Buy outright inventory report filter added
Colorado Springs Police Report added
Cost of last item entered on invoices added
Missing unsold item disposal on consignor agreements fixed
Pawner address added to Generic Police Report
Possible error message when printing from the select a label window for 4 x 2 thermal labels fixed
Prevent sales clerks from changing invoice date
Report of consignors without sufficient balance to cover rents
Set number of invoice copies to print
Shop name on medium and detailed Avery price labels and on 1.5" and higher thermal labels
Subtotal disbursement report by consignor when sorted by payee
Updated WI Police Report

8/12/12 / Version 5.2.1113

Ability to apply discounts to extra house accounts
Adjusted touchscreen new-sale window layout
Buy-outright option is hidden when entering new House Account items
Item number to the list of items settled on the check voucher
Option to make storage and handling fees one time
Pause after saving batch inventory before printing price labels is now an option in program setup

Barcode not erased from the old item record when items are transferred to the House Account
Batch-edit window not loading correct lowest price
Buy outright cost not appearing on Shop Totals
Incorrect account balances on consignor pick window for settlements
Last rent date not being updated when mall rents are collected
New-inventory barcodes not allowing for other network stations properly
Original price appearing on the large part of thermal hang tags with discount schedule
Price label reappearing when printing price from the batch-entry window
Printing only one thermal price label
Report total on the consignor report when filtered for account balance
Skipped price labels when selecting a random series
Pawn Software Changes:
Fixed item amount-loaned error
Fixed possible problem entering unlisted items on an invoice
New pawner pictures now use the default path from program setup


5/25/12 / Version 5.2.780

Added ability to apply discounts to extra house accounts
Adjusted touchscreen new-sale window layout
Default location on New-Pawn window
Disbursement report error (source not found)
Inventory report on PPSS Intro
Network station not accepting hyphen in location name
Taxable-sales total on the Shop Totals report
Total Loaned when Item Value is entered on a New-Pawn window

5/9/12 / Version 5.2.673

Added drivers license # readout for mag stripe in SC and FL
Added serial number to retail item input
Added sex, height, weight to license mag stripe readout
Added TSC TDP-225 label printer
Fixed error choosing labels to print for hang tags
Fixed error message generation generic police report
Fixed error message printing 4x2 labels
Fixed error saving new pawn
Fixed possible permissions error opening the program
Fixed rounding on checks
Fixed total loaned not adding correctly
Max char limit to 10 for invoice #
Option to always round pawn % up

2/27/12 / Version 5.2.313

Auto Title Loans added to the Comprehensive Interest and Fees Managers.
Backup/restore file chooser window doesn't require choosing a name.
Beginning balance import from a consignor.csv file corrected.
Date of Sale now appears in consignor's online information.
Inventory internal ID now shows on the Item-Edit window.
Item list on check vouchers in now optional. The default is 'off'.
New Payday Loan format file.
Restored the print item list on check vouchers. Default for this option is off.
Savannah: Choosing Gun on the new pawn form checks 'Is Gun' box.

2-7-12 / Version 5.2.218

Added check box for the 2824 printer on the Printers page of program setup.

12-5-11 / Version 5.2

Added police report for Savannah and Extended-Brand Group. Added rentals.
Added snail-mail pawn forfeit notices.
Changed Police Reporting Store ID to include LEADS.
Fixed differences between pawn tickets printed from the New Pawn window and tickets printed later.
Fixed error generating the generic police report.
Fixed error when changing amount to be loaned for gold.
Fixed error when right clicking on WA grid.
Fixed problem printing of 4x2 and 2x1 thermal price tags.
Fixed reduced interest rate for 5 days being applied after 5 days.
Fixed Registration window not closing with X.
New format file codes: 129 loan amount plus late fees; 130 applicable late fees; 131 applicable lost ticket fee
Replaced the generic pawn form message.

12-5-11 / Version 5.2

Added brand list to P FL UDG's
Added format file code for pawner email address
APR on the generic pawn ticket now appears with % instead of decimal
Close This Pawn function to abnormally terminate pawn contracts
Edit pawn function
Fixed batch delete
Fixed batch item delete not removing items included in voided invoices
Fixed category interest rate not overriding the 30 day rate
Fixed edition not appearing in the title bar
Fixed error displaying Account History
Fixed error displaying Current Items report
Fixed error message moving between UDG's in the UDG manager
Fixed error setting gold weight
Fixed error when opening Pawns Work Area
Fixed last sale filter for inventory reports
Fixed loss of cash drawer setting in program setup
Fixed monthly storage fees not being saved
Fixed repawn feature
Fixed the select-pawner window not closing when a choice is made
Fixed UDG settings not saved from New Pawn window
Florida police report
For thermal labels that have tear off portion, the 1st price in the discount schedule only appears on the small tab end.
LEADS report now includes redemptions and forfeits
Moved 3rd column of address labels left
New Pawn added to Pawner Work Area context menu and left menu
Redemption collections now include gun fees and late fees and lost ticket fees
St. Petersburg police report
Wisconsin XML police report

10-27-11 / Version 5.1.6810

New pawn status: Closed
2-digit year for discount schedules on labels
Beginning balance to csv import/export for consignors
Butterfly labels printing fixed
Check boxes not showing on select items to print grid fixed
Code signing for all installers
Consignor credit sale changed to more clear format
Discount schedules now have smaller font choices
Edit pawn feature - An existing pawn can be edited
Item ID field added to sales csv export
Missing data on hang tags fixed
New registration component
Only 2 categories were showing in default category drop down - fixed
Touchscreen support added
User-Defined Groups added to hang tag and larger thermal price labels

10-20-11 / Version 5.1.6211

Comprehensive fee and interest managers added
Fixed check boxes not showing on select items to print grid
Fixed new pawn amount not showing on shift close out
Gold calculator error message fixed
Manual edits to the loan amount are allowed
Possible pawn id duplication fixed
Related fields now recompute when the total loaned is changed with an arrow key
Touchscreen support added

9-7-11 / Version 5.1.6211

Added PayPal payment option for new settlements and new sales.
Adjusted third column position for 3 column Avery price tags and address labels.
Fee and Interest enhancements
Fixed error message when repawning an item.
Price font is now smaller when discount schedule is present.
UDG's on zebra labels and hang tags

8-10-11 / Version 5.1.6210

Fixed repawn error.

7-16-11 / Version 5.1.6029

Added Partial Payment on Principle.
Created several new format file codes.
Fixed date discounted filter for inventory reports.
Fixed error message when trying to save a new-sale record when a new sale is also open on another new-sale page.
Fixed loss of pawn fees when selecting an item category on the new pawn window.
Fixed price field not saving on batch inventory edit window.
Lost-ticket fee will not increase loan amount.
New-pawn window stays open until the user has printed both a barcode and a pawn ticket or clicks OK.
Ticket printed from the new-pawn window shows non-prorated interest for the 1st period.

6-12-11 / Version 5.1.5876

Assign Consignor % per category.
Assign Tax % per category.
Discount Schedule date/price on price tags 1.5" or taller
Fixed duplicate ID error when doing a batch delete.
Fixed error message saving new categories.
The check number on the Edit-Disbursement can be changed.

5-7-11 / Version 5.1.5714

Added Gold/Not Gold to Pawn Reports Designer
Adjusted position of page number and far right column on police reports
Buy Outright can now be chosen as the default for new items
Change default program installation directory to C:\PPSS
Consignor filter for the Disbursements Report Designer
Fixed Gold/Not Gold, Gun/Not Gun filters for the Pawn Report Designer
New-sale documents load selected Pawner info in the Pawners Work Area or selected buyer info in the Buyers Work Area
Pawn History is available for Pawn records
PPSS Intro for Charlotte is now Charlotte Police Reporting Software
Print Preview now defaults to 'off' for Florida PPSS users
Specify separate printers for documents and pawn tickets
Updated Account History and Current Item functions for Pawners

4-3-11 / Version 5.1.5544

Fixed multiple items on a pawn ticket
Added file codes 101, 102, 103, 104, 105, 106, 107
Fixed separate pawn ticket series for direct buys
Fixed jewelry weights not appearing on pawn tickets
Fixed reading FL non standard birthday format on drivers license
Fixed doubling pawn redeem amount on due date
Fixed opening extended UDG's from new pawn ticket
Fixed filters not working with barcode selection list
Fixed closing the select labels to print window
Fixed printing vertical zebra labels from the select labels window

12-6-10 / Version 5.1.5022

Added 3.37" x 1.1875" vertical 2-across thermal tag support
Added Send-today/since-last to Charlotte version
Added Star TSP100 receipt printer support
Dollar sign will be ignored if entered in Program Setup

11-7-10 / Version 5.1.4855

Error message when creating a pawn removed
Separate number sequence for buy tickets
Specify a non-prorated interest for the first 5 days, and periods thereafter

9-3-10 / Version 5.1.4699

Added 2.25" x 1.37" non-adhesive thermal tag support
Added buy outright custom pawn ticket form for Charlotte
Added Charlotte custom pawn form
Added export-police report as text file for Charlotte
Added inventory reports for PPSS Intro
Added pawn variable fee schedule for WA State
Added under 18 notice for Charlotte new pawners
Charlotte report now uses 24 hour clock
Fixed error message starting new pawn
Fixed error message when filtering pawn reports
Fixed error when using the client filter on pawn reports

6-9-10 / Version 5.1.4585

Current items list error fixed
Fixed file-in-use error when importing inventory csv
Registration fixed

5-17-10 / Version 5.1.4505

Batch Settlement Window duplicate entries removed
Checks printing error fixed
Inventory reports and labels now has a secondary sort by item number when using the Consignor Filter
Label option added for Zebra printers: 2.25" x 1.25" adhesive

5-7-10 / Version 5.1.4479

Fixed program not running after trial period
Internal Consignor IDs now appear on add/edit screens
Fixed inability to delete items

4-8-10 / Version 5.1.4410

Bar-code layout window has a reset button for row space
Category field on the Items-Sold List is limited to 20 characters (to avoid overprint)
CSV export options are simplified
Currency may be set in Program Setup
Data import/export has been simplified by consolidating options on the Utilities menu.
Description and Item Number on bar-code labels are limited to 30 characters
Missing discount schedule on Medium Price Labels fixed
Ocxnext reference removed from auto update
Settlements - Print a trial run without finalizing settlements
Storage transfers are linked to inventory report filters
The EVO thermal receipt printer will now be the default receipt printer selection in PPSS Printer Setup.

4-1-10 / Version 5.1.4340

Batch entry price labels are now limited to the Internal ID Series assigned to the workstation (to prevent duplication)
Disbursement Report Total fixed
Download/install current application file (ppss.exe) regardless of version
Registration module replaced to resolve McAfee conflict
Repeating check amounts on settlement checks fixed
Report titles expanded
Row-height settings on bar-code setup page now saved
Sales Recap error fixed

3-24-10 / Version 5.1.4311

Added 2.25" x 1.37" label for Zebra 2824 printer
AUTOMATIC UPDATE - Each time PPSS starts it checks for new updates
Fixed error when entering a new consignor
Fixed missing report header

2-23-10 5.1.4287

Added code 85 to pawn ticket format for buy outright total.
Added code 86 to pawn ticket format for total payments received.
Added details and serial numbers from police report.
Added item details and serial number to the police report csv.
Completed integrated ATF Form 4473 for PPSS 24k.
Fixed loss of format file values.
Fixed not using the rate schedule.
Price label designer now remembers previous sort order.
The Rebuild Index (lower right) now reindexes the database when not used for something else.

1-10-10 5.1.4196

Added scan of drivers license to enter new pawners

12-16-09 5.1.4067

Fixed close out recap when there are no employees
Fixed cursor not staying in read-bar-code box
Fixed error message when opening sale on hold
Fixed price labels not using set margin from select items to print function
24k: Added option to upload consignor information and inventory items at once

10-17-09 5.1.4027

Adjusted spacing on sales recap
Barcodes appear in inventory details automatically after assigning bar codes
Fixed close/edit button on check screen
Fixed missing total on Today Sold report
Fixed reversed height and weight on forms designer
Florida pawn ticket format file
Shift close-out report
Unlisted-item first-time message now restarts when activated in program setup
User-Defined Groups drop downs max height on batch enter window at 20

10-17-09 5.1.3689

Added .csv export of Police Report
Fixed cursor movement problem on new pawn window
Fixed height & weight transposed on pawn ticket
PPSS defaults to pawn-ticket.txt for pawn form

8-20-09 5.1.3222
Fixed due dates being reset when daily interest is computed
Reversed height and weight field on LEADS report
Police report columns no longer overlap
LEADS report now shows "none" for ID2 if no selection was made

8-13-09 5.1.3194
Fixed maximum percentage
Sale of an item allowed when date forfeited is in the future

7-12-09 5.1.2973
Added copy/paste in the agreement editor.
Added Inventory CSV import/export.
Added maximum interest at 5, 10, 15 days.
Added option to have transfer of aged inventory occur before scheduled discounts.
Added option to include layaways in settlements.
Fixed $1000 item price on new-sale doc saving as $1.
Fixed double date on Items Sold report header.
Fixed error message when changing the consignor percentage for one consignor using the percentage tool.
Fixed incorrect price on Epson receipts for 2nd and subsequent items.
Fixed invoice/settlement date not showing in Account History.
Fixed possible error message when starting a new shift till (Diamond).
Fixed possible error message when viewing inventory report.
Fixed possible printing of wrong settlement docs when doing a batch settlement.
Fixed price field blank on new sale item pick list.
Reduced batch-settle processing time for many consignors.

6-14-09 5.1.2886
Added employee access control to Pawn Work Area and batch pawns.
Added employee access control to voiding pawns.
Added print summary of till at end of day.
Corrected employee % on sales recap report.
Fax printer is no longer a print option.
Fixed error recording split-settlement payments.
Fixed error when reopening a redeemed pawn.
Fixed potential error when sorting item IDs that have no consistent pattern.
Fixed printout of pawn Account History and Current Items.
Fixed skipped entry on settlement and payment reports at page break.
Price labels will show current price if a the discount schedule is chosen and one hasn't been created.
Print hang tags from inventory batch entry.
Removed possible carriage returns from LEADS report.
Sales clerk is now blank on invoices if none is specified.
Settlement and payment amounts no longer round differently.
Shift till total no longer includes voided pawns.

3-3-09 PPSSe:
Correct set-up fee setting

3-3-09 all versions: Option to have windows always maximized.
Option to turn off bar codes on the Zebra thermal price labels
Give a bonus to consignors settling for store credit. Example: 40% settlement for cash, 60% settlement for store credit (not available with batch settlements)
Added a date range to User-Defined Dates. (Records marked with User Dates can be selected for reports by entering inclusive dates in the date fields.)
Taxes are shown separately on printed invoice. (except PPSSe)

2-25-09 All Editions: Allow for Total Loaned to be manually entered.
Added bar-code-entry field to Inventory Add and Edit Screens.
Added function to remove duplicate bar codes.

2-12-09 PPSSe version 5.1.1981.0 - Correction of 18kt gold display
Changed date format to day/month/year.

1-15-09 PPSS version 5.1.1901.0 - Apply pawn interest by category. Create multiple categories for specific interest application.

Barcode Processing - Deleted inventory is ignored when processing barcodes to add items to invoices.

Batch Process Changes - Make multiple changes to Discount Schedules, User-Defined Categories and Categories without having to save each change individually.

Returned/Donated/Deleted Inventory - View and print records.
Manual Batch Transfer to House Account
Undelete Inventory - Restore deleted inventory items.

User-defined fields on PPSS forms.
Forms Designer that allows for 81 boxes.
PayDay/Check Cashing form options in program setup.
Email Address Added to Data Export - Email address has been added to the PPSS .csv (comma-separated value) export of consignor and vendor information. Names and email addresses can be imported into email programs like Microsoft Outlook.
Settlement Payments to One Consignor - Added a report for this.
Batch Delete by Consignor and by Category - Leaves inventory items with quantity greater than zero and items that have not been settled.
Print List of Donated Items
Fix Printing Item Description on Hang Tags - Item description character length shortened to prevent printing over hang-tag hole
Small Text - Fixed in Consignors Work Area
Invoice Discount Disclosure - Added invoice notation of discount percentage and amount (for buyer awareness and appreciation).
Automatically Deduct Consignor Credit Purchases from Balances - Credit purchases now appear on a new settlement.
Print Multiple Taxes Separately on Invoices - Multiple taxes are computed appropriately and printed separately on invoices.

User-Formatted Ticket for Loans and Checks


New Forms Designer Element - The Default Date is now the date the next periodic payment due plus the grace period plus the hold period for a forfeited item (before it can be sold).

Customer IDs Sort - Customer IDs should always start with all or part of each consignor's last name, but if numbers are used first, customers can now be sorted in numerical order.

Auto Non-Tax of Clothing Items below $50 (Canada) - Any clothing item sold in Canada for under $50 will not be subject to tax on the sales invoice. This includes items that may have been priced over $50 and subsequently reduced to under $50 from automatic or manual discounting.

Payday Loans Track loans, payments, outstanding balances and charge a flat fee or interest. Assess penalties and/or higher interest rates for past-due loans.

Added Check Cashing Track the status of checks cashed. Auto-convert bounced checks to loans and assess variable penalties and/or higher interest rates.

Added User Text fields for pawners, customers and employees records, and User-Text filters for reports.
Double-click on entries opens Edit Window.

User Text - Identify and group customers with unique text. Create reports using unique text as filters. Example: Enter 'bad check' in each customer's User-Text Field who has written a bad check then use 'bad check' as a filter to generate a report including only those individuals.

Discount by Category - Any inventory category can have its own aged-inventory discount schedule.
Print 'secret codes' for unsold inventory (donate, return or transfer to house account) on bar-code labels.
Report filters for birthdays by month

Direct purchase from consignor
4 user-defined inventory fields
Disposition filter for consignor reports
Bar-code test print
New combo box with auto completion of entries
New manual
Batch inventory entry tab moves across the grid.

Added loan by gold carats/weight

Added option to settle accounts based upon balance. For example, only settle accounts with a balance of $5 or more.
Can set the default payment type. (Set as 'Check' if always or most often paying by check.)
Enter the amount due in the Amount-Paid Box for a single settlement.
Thanks to Brenda Hobbs of Starting Over Consignments, Sulphur Springs, TX, for these suggestions!

All editions -
Remove sales on hold from consignor account balance computation
Table width adjustments in some areas
Print preview adjustment
Fix for shut down error on Windows 98/ME
Function Keys added

  •   F1 - Help - Manual
  •   F3 - Enter New Consignors
  •   F4 - Enter New Inventory Items
  •   F5 - Process New Settlements
  •   F6 - Go to Consignors Work Area
  •   F7 - Go to Inventory Work Area
  •   F8 - Go to Sales Work Area
  •   F9 - Go to Settlements Work Area
  • F10 - New-Sales Screen

All editions -
Added buttons on the Inventory Tool Bar for entering retail and consignor inventory.
Added a filter to Inventory Reports that separates inventory from retail, forfeited, and bought inventory.
Reporting for retail inventory now includes cost of goods sold and appears in Shop Totals in the Sales Recap report.
Diamond - Invoice screens accept scanner input. No long necessary to move the New-Sales Screen to the background before scanning codes.

All editions -
Attach and view pictures of inventory items.
Adjustable receipt printer font size
Leads Online support
Update multiple pawns at once.
Improved calendar allows older dates and pictures.

All editions -
Process multiple pawns at once

All editions -
New Pawnbroker Pawn Shop Software released

All editions -
Tabbed Invoices