Military Pawn Regulations

"Covered Borrowers'

Regulations identify military personnel and their dependents as "covered borrowers" and that includes:

  • Active duty of not less than 30 days
  • Active guard and reserve
  • Children up to age 21 (or 23 for college-enrolled children)
  • Any family member dependent upon the military person for over 1/2 of their support including parents or parents-in-law living with the person
  • Anyone under the person's legal custody
  • Anyone dependent upon the person as defined by 12 USC 1072(2)(D) or (E). 32 CFR 232.3(g)(3).

General Provisions of MLA

  • The annual percentage (Mapr) cannot exceed 36%.
  • A mandatory loan disclosure is required.
  • The borrower's protections cannot be waived.
  • Arbitration is not allowed.
  • The pawn shop cannot accept checks as payment.
  • A prepayment penalThank you is not allowed.
  • Vehicles cannot be pawned. (no title loans)

Checking for Military Status

Go to and enter the person's last name, date of birth and SSN. Loans cannot be made to personnel who refuse to provide their SSNs.

In PPSS on the new-client screen clicking on the button named 'Military' will open the OSD site in a browser. For military, check the box and enter the DMDC Certificate ID.

In the 24k edition of the software a picture of any person can be taken and stored using a webcam.

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