Pawn POS Software for California

Pawnbroker Pawn Shop Software is configured for use in CA. There is a one-time payment for lifetime use of the software.

The software is priced well under other programs because price has not been padded with prepayment for support. Regardless, a free live demo is available and we prefer that the demo be conducted prior to purchase because payment for the software cannot be accepted until the store owner agrees that the software does all that is required and works correctly on the shop computer.

The long-term cost is way under that of competing programs. (Beginning with the 2nd year there is an annual software maintenance of $175.)

California Pawn Regs

Pawnbrokers are regulated by local, state and federal agencies and are required to obtain a second-hand dealer's license, report all pawns (daily) to law enforcement and retain pledged items for 30 days after forfeiture before selling them.

These maximum allowable charges must to posted where they are clearly visible to the public:

Handling and storage fees may apply. Cubic feet is width times height times depth:

$20 + $1 for every cubic foot over 6 cubic feet

For each pawned firearm an additional $4 may be levied.

If pledged items are to be stored off premises there must be a written agreement between the broker and pawner. In such situations, upon redemption, the pawnbroker has one calendar day to return the item(s) (when the pawn store and the storage facility are both open, not to exceed 2 business days.)

California Pawn Tickets

Every pledgor must receive a copy of a written contract disclosing the loan period (minimum of 4 months), due date and the pawner's right to redeem the pledge during the loan period.

This notice must be in a box with bold lettering at least 8-point type: “You may redeem the property you have pledged at any time until the close of business on ____ [fill in date no less than four months from date loan begins]. To redeem, you must pay the amount of the loan and the applicable charges which have accrued through the date on which you redeem.”

This is an overview of CA pawn-shop regulations. This is not legal advice. Information herein was taken from CA FINANCIAL CODE - FIN DIVISION 8. PAWNBROKERS [21000 - 21307] ( Division 8 enacted by Stats. 1951, Ch. 364. ) on February 2, 2018.

Pawnbroker Pawn Shop Software
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The State of California started requiring electronic signatures so only the 24k edition of PPSS may be used.

Hardware that can be used with the software can be viewed online.

Shipping is included in prices quoted and there is no sales tax.

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Pawnbroker Pawn Shop Software