Data from Pawnpower can be converted to PPSS format.

About Pawn Power Pawn Shop Software

Apparently support for Pawnpower Pawn Software is no longer available, but finding another pawn program doesn't have to be expensive.

Your existing Pawn-Power data can be converted to Pawnbroker Pawnshop format at a nominal cost, and the PPSS software is available starting at just $295.

Pawnbroker Pawn Shop SoftwareTM Benefits

  • No annual fees. Your first payment for the software is your last.
  • Using PPSS, pawn tickets can be printed on plain paper (saving the expense of preprinted pawn forms).
  • PPSS pawn tickets can be customized to meet your requirements and those of your regulatory authorities.
  • The software is supported for free via email. Phone and remote PC assistance are optional.
  • Higher editions of PPSS provide easy reporting to LEADS Online and the police.
  • The 24karat edition of PPSS has a scan drivers licenses to populate the new-pawner screen.
  • There are options for layaways, rentals, consignments, payday and title loans and or course pawns.
  • Some editions support the use of a cash drawer, receipt printer, barcodes and thermal prices labels (including jewelry tags).
  • Purchase includes a free 30-minute live tutorial via phone and remote PC access.

Converting to PPSS is relatively easy. Just zip your current data folder and email it to us along with your name, shop name and a note that you would like a quote on converting the data to PPSS format. Our technicians will respond and we can assist with downloading and installing the demo if needed.

Better yet, just give us a call and we'll take care of the rest. 888-427-5779.

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